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My First DIY Brush

Well I was at Harbor Freight a few weeks ago with my son and he saw a hobby lathe on sale...so of course we HAD to buy it!

Thus starts a new hobby :001_rolle

Anyway, I had bought a new 24mm silvertip from Whipped Dog, so we picked up some Zebrawood and after a few trial attempts on some pine and red oak to get used to turning, I set out on turning my first handle. I set the knot at 18mm deep so I have a 50mm loft.

I think it turned out pretty good! I have been using it daily for about a month now. LOVE the feel of it!

Have a great day,

Photo Mar 11, 4 51 24 PM.jpg Photo Mar 11, 4 54 10 PM.jpg Photo Mar 11, 5 02 43 PM.jpg Photo Mar 11, 5 22 42 PM (1).jpg
Very nice. Now your hooked. Before long you will be thinking about what else you can do on the lathe; pens, candle sticks, Christmas ornaments, ice cream scoop handles, the list goes on. Enjoy your new hobby.

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Thanks guys!

I used a simple cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) finish. Watched some YouTube videos of how to do it and gave it a shot.

It's as glossy as glass, and has great grip even when wet, and...it's waterproof! score!
Thanks for the positive vibe, gents!

It's funny...my son and I were (of course) pretty happy about all of this and when I showed my wife my prized possesion I had just created....well, let's just say it's not something she quite "gets". She asked why didn't I just buy one if I needed one, lol. Of course, I don't understand all the choices of purses so I really can't complain about that!

BTW, the whipped dog knot has really bloomed nicely, it's super comfortable to use!
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