My first De razor - Baili BD191

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Terminator84, Jun 19, 2019.

    just arrived from amazon, less than 10 euros but the build quality seems outstanding for the price. I have been told the head is a tech clone, we'll see how it shaves - i'm a newbie and i have bic platinum and atsra SP blades.
    I's very cheap but i'm not in the business for a costly DE at least not before i get a decent technique.[​IMG]
  1. Beautiful and congratulations. :a14:
  2. Congratulations!
  3. Nice man, I started off with the Razorock version of that about 5-6 months ago, it’s a solid piece of gear for the price. Congrats!
  4. This is a great razor. Enjoy.
  5. Good choice!

    I suggest you read through the Wiki. Then, take your time.
  6. it's been a bloodbath. 30 minutes trying to find the angles...strech the skin...making absurd faces.... many weepers even if it took a lifetime. Back to amazon and for now back to carts[​IMG]
  7. ajkel64

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    Don’t give up after 1 shave.
  8. Small cuts are not a bloodbath. Even the older shavers get very small cuts. Those things disappear quickly.
  9. i'm sure you are perfectly right BUT in 30+years of shaving with a cart i NEVER had a single cut or weeper while today i am full of small red spots and a bad cut in my mustache area.
  10. i gave up already, see the amazon receipt. it's on its way back to amazon. bye bye DE for good.
  11. So...let me understand.... you accept everything -even getting small cuts over the long term - just to stubbornly use an inferior tool? Unbelievable.‍
  12. No, @Terminator84 . You do not understand. A man’s face can put up with those small cuts. They heal quickly. It’s all about biology.
  13. One would suspect that the Terminator could handle little cuts.
  14. i understood perfectly. I just prefer a better alternative where i don't even have to deal with those "small cuts" at all. It's that simple.
  15. Of course! But I don't "have to"....
  16. It is NOT an inferior tool!

    I think your problem with the safety razor is that you applied pressure while shaving, just like you do with a cartridge razor.
    You don't need to apply any pressure with a safety razor, just let it glide over your skin with short light strokes.

    The reason I started with wetshaving some 4 years ago was because the carts (Mach 3 and Fusion) are inferior, giving me irritation, razorburns and rash all over my neck and face, and I could never get that really smooth BBS shave.

    OK, sometimes (not very often) I do get a little weeper but I'm OK with that.
    What I don't get anymore is all the skin irritation and razorburn.

    Brush up on your technique and you will see how much better wet shaving is compared with carts :)
  17. C’mon don’t give up that easily! It just takes a little practice like everything else. Don’t get so discouraged and frustrated. It takes time and effort to learn how to shave this way, but it’s completely worth it. Go get your razor back, don’t let it defeat you.
  18. we'll see. in the meantime i got a brand new hydro 5 sense.
  19. how can i get it back? it's on its way to amazon. In the meantime i added an hydro 5 sense (see my other post) and a dorco pace6

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