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My first dance with Jack.... The Barber not The Dancer.


I had my first dance with Jack the Barber this morning. These are new products that we have just started to sell in the Supermarket were I work. There is a Shaving Brush, 3 piece DE Razor and Shaving Cream. I did not pre-wash or pre-sterilise any of the products as they are new. The DE razor weighs in at 55 grams and is 10 centimetres long (4inches) including the head. What I like really like about the razor is that the blade is completely enclosed within the head of the razor. The blade tabs don’t stick out like on most razors. I used a Bolzano blade for the Shave. There was plenty of audible feedback even on the third and final pass. I gave myself one weeper on the first pass but that was operator error. The brush lost less then 10 hairs in its first use and is made of synthetic bristles. It is very soft and I did enjoy using it. The Shaving Cream is very soft and mainly smells of Sandalwood. My first Lather was more like I had applied a layer of Sunscreen to my face as I loaded far too much cream onto the brush. It got better as I progressed through the Shave and added a little more water to the brush. It might be better to bowl lather which I will try later in the week. All the products are made in China and the Brush and Cream are advertised on the packaging as 100% vegan friendly. I thought that I might struggle with the handle being smooth but I had no trouble using the razor. Overall I think that these are pretty good entry level products.
Hmmm, I'm glad they are putting out products like this in a Supermarket. Thank you for the review.


Had my second dance this morning. Much better lather as I only put a small amount of cream on the brush. Yesterday I had far too much on the brush. I find that the Jack the Barber shaving cream is very similar in consistency to Captains Choice shaving creams. Very soft indeed. The brush only lost probably 3 bristles. That is all that I could find in the bottom of the sink. The brush is very soft and for those wanting a brush with lots of back bone this may not be for you. Still, I think very good starter pack for someone.
Appreciate the review on these products!

I saw the Jack the Barber range when I was in Woolies yesterday, was stunned to see DE shavers, brushes in a supermarket! Was going to pick it up, but I was in a rush

Well priced, tempted to walk down down to the Woolies a couple hundred metres away from where I live and picking it up(razor, cream & brush) I mean for just over $25.... Can't really go wrong.

Razor looks pretty well finished.


It’s all pretty good value. I have had 6 shaves this week using Jack the Barber, razor, brush and shaving cream. You don’t need a lot of the cream to get a good lather. The brush is pretty soft and the blade tabs are enclosed in the razor head which is a feature that I like.
So I finally got around to getting The Jack the Barber gear, and taking it for a spin.

I purchased the razor, cream, and brush.

Put a brand new Polsilver in the 3 piece razor, and the shave reminded me of my since piffed DE89. If I'm not mistaken, the Jack the Barber may have slightly more blade exposure. Was a nice smooth shave.

Will need a few more shaves under my belt with the cream and brush to give an informed opinion on those. My first experience probably the opposite to you @ajkel64 , where I probably didn't start with enough cream on my brush, and only had enough for 2 passes and touch ups. I face lathered.

Will use a more familiar brush next time around, so I can really dial in the cream.

So far so good.



I was surprised how good they are really are. They are not expensive and I still think a beginner could do no wrong it starting out with these shaving implements.
I am a few shaves in with my one, and just proves to me that you don't need to spend the big bucks to get a great shave.

It's a razor I can recommend to beginners and anyone inbetween.

The cream will probably always be in my den also, I've enjoyed using that so far, and performance is great for the price.

I can't recommend the brush though, yes sure it's cheap, and does it's job. But you can just spend a few bucks more and get a Yaqi, but it's ok if you want to get all your kit in one hit, it will tie you over

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