My favourite unknown razor; what's yours?

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    I had this razor for years & years, it was just the head no handle when i found it, its my favourite razor, i found it in our childhood homes attic few years after my father died (2008)

    I started with DE's unlike most teens when i was 14-15 i found my father's Wilkinson sword sticky razor brand new boxed so i used it & i learnt from there, now i just turned 28 & tried many many razors over the years i ain't never liked or shaved with anything comparable to this.


    The baseplate is solid tank like looking with some perculiar finish, the ridges protrude out


    It has no stamps ingraved just manufacturing numbers one on the baseplate & the other beneath the top caps pin


    I use a merkur 33c handle with it because it gives it perfect balance also because under the baseplate it has a round edge which i found aligns perfectly with the merkur handle

    The shave with this razor is just above medium aggressive & a tad the behind aggressiveness of the 2011 R41, i tend to favour aggressive razors due to my thick coarse wiry beard, its extremely extremely effective i can't stress that enough you don't feel it being harsh due to the way the way the baseplate is shaped, if you look at it from the side it may look ordinary but it has a large blade gap & the way it has slopes in the baseplate allowing all the lather to be pushed under the razor, i also think the vivid ridges play a big part to how this amazing razor shaves the way the lather scoops off allowing you to rinse less often, you feel the blade but it's so intuitive to find the angle & almost impossible to cut your self even with fast strokes, something i never experienced with any other razor & i can name you dozens from all these moderns ones to vinatge ones i shaved with or had over the years.


    The way it looks is not how it shaves it really astoundeds me no matter what blade i use or the length of growth i have (even shaving daily its safe to use just one stroke down so comfortable on the skin yet so effective) i always get a more efficient shave then i do with my other razors not to say that there bad but the razor to skin feel of this beast stuns me.


    What razor do you have that you know knowing about but its your underrated unknown first choice to use or you just admire it?

    Have a great day gentleman.
  1. My favorite unknown razor is the Empire Razor, Reg. Design 20546.

    There is much uncertainty regarding its origin. Some say USA, some say Great Britain, and some say Australia. I favor the Australia theory.

    This much is certain: It has a head similar to the Gillette NEW LC and a narrow dinky handle. It's a very good shaver. however, and it demonstrates a good quality of build. It probably dates from the early 1930's.
  2. i don't know!
  3. lancelot

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    I'm as far away from an engineer as you can get, but to my eye this appears to be a beautifully designed head & cap. It seems to be heavy and durable & the cap appears to really fit the plate well. I like the way the comb ridges slant then go vertical. They also appear to be rounded rather than sharp where they contact the face.
    Congrats on owning this prize.
  4. I remember reading your thread on it Steve, sounds like a great razor, I love the design of the Gillette New's & the similar style variations they come in.

    Lol the Australia theory sounds much more gratifying
  5. Lol why don't you know mate? You have to many to pick from?
  6. Thanks, You are right good eye, the pictures don't don't do it justice, I'm glad it shows a little on the pictures the build quality is robust with a solid hefty weight, this design holds the blade not only firm but eliminates the aggressive feel without sacrificing the efficiency.
  7. Looks awesome. If I understand correctly, you don't know who the maker is, right?
  8. Correct my friend I don't have a clue who produced it, I did try find out years ago but gave up & just enjoyed it for what it is.
  9. Highspeedlane

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    You could drive a proverbial Mack truck through that blade gap! Thanks for the review. As for me, I only have a few German travel razors that are unmarked as to their maker. They generally shave well once you get used to their smaller than average handles.
  10. Lol the blade gap is intimidating to look at but for the shave itself you ain't got nothing to fear steep or shallow angle its hard to get cut, also rinsing less than often makes for a joyful experience, I prefer the small handles on my razors hence using the merkur 33c's even though it looks like I'm holding a toothpick in my big hands!
  11. Very nice. Enjoy.
  12. I'm glad that you are using it and it is your favorite. As previously stated, that blade gap looks very intimidating.
  13. His favorite unknown razor was the best answer of the thread; he doesn't know because it's unKNOWn.
  14. I am glad I'm not the only one who thought that was clever

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