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My favorite brand of underwear

I like my Duluth Trading Company jocky shorts, but really love their boxers; especially their Armachillo line which wick very well.

Yes these are more expensive than Hanes, but they are more comfortable also
Since the demise of Tiger Mountain I am searching for similar very baggy broadcloth boxers. I just got a couple of the Andover Shop house brand and really like them a lot. As a point of curiosity, how long do folks find that their boxers last? I am getting about five years.
Calvin Klein
These are my favorite as well, but they are frightfully expensive: $35-40 at the outlet. They do have cheaper lines, which I purchased (maybe $15). They're pretty nice, but not surprisingly slightly less comfortable and not the great longevity of the top line.
I balk at paying nearly the same for a 3-pack of underwear as for a pair of athletic shoes. Especially when they come in wide range of sizes with gaps in between, e.g. S=28-30, M=32-34, L=36-38, etc. which along with different cuts from different manufacturers mean it is difficult to know how they will fit. I always purchase something locally from a department or big box store, trying a few styles before buying more.
Daily Drivers
Any cotton/poly blend of boxer brief-right now I am using New Balance, before it was Hanes.

For travel and hiking/athletic endeavors- Ex Officio Boxer Briefs.

I have caught a few shirts on sale at Uniqlo recently and intend to try their store brand next as a likely replacement for daily drivers.
Most of my underwear is from Uniqlo, and I have a few Jockey boxers too. But the nicest undershirts I have ever had are the Schiesser "American" t-shirts that I found a while back on Amazon. Also, I still have a few really good Boss undershirts that I scored at a Boss factory store at least 10 years ago for next to nothing.
Saxx in merino wool are the bomb. Unfortunately, I think they discontinued the merino Blacksheep lineup. Just like shave soap reformulations, I had to scour the internet looking for old inventory to buy. I just need enough pairs to last until full retirement, when I sell my truck and quit driving. When you work hard & sweat and then have to drive for long hours, the merino is a real game changer.
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