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My experience with a "Wolfie"

Finally a little wish came true 🥳

My interest has always been around vintage razors and always will be. But I think it's important to acknowledged that modern razor production can offer something different in terms of materials and precision.

Therefor I have tried to be up to date about new companies that offers modern solutions which just seems to evolve for every year.

Some time ago I decided that 1 modern adjustable and 1 modern 3-piece razor would be great to have as a part of my collection. For the adjustable I chose the 'Taiga' which I haven't regretted one bit. There are other modern adjustables just as fine, but I really dig the design and performance wise it never disappoints.

In regards to the 3-piece razor I have looked at different high-end ones, but always found it difficult to make a final decision. Often there are so many choices in terms of materials, designs, blade gaps etc. 🤔

Nevertheless I chose 'Wolfman'. From reading a whole lot of threads I tried to zoom in on the configuration which could be interesting in terms of looks and performance. But the really long waiting list and the added cost from VAT/Customs kept me away for some time. Until last week when I got presented with an offer I couldn't say no to.

A gentleman from France had one for sale with my desired configuration(WR2-SB 1.55mm, WRH2 hollow 90mm handle, WRA1 stand), so I didn't hesitate for long. I shaved with the 'Gibbs' adjustable on setting (6) sunday so I could make a comparison in terms aggressivness, blade feel and smoothness. Today I had my first shave with the "Wolfie" and what a pleasant experience.

Needless to say the blade gap of 1.55 aren't for little boys, but I had heard so much good about it. Even though I have pretty sensitive skin I felt confident that I would be able to control it and I was right. Of course it requires respect, but it provided me with a great shave. For comparison sake the "Wolfie" had quite some blade feel too, noisy and was very efficient just like the 'Gibbs'-adjustable, but the modern 3-piece razor pulled ahead in terms of smoothness 👌🏼

I'm really thrilled to have this beauty as a part of my collection and it will for sure be used frequently. This experience hasn't changed my interests in terms of razors and I won't be on the hunt for other 'Wolfman'-razors to try different blade gaps. Or search for something better by trying other brands. I really do feel I have found the ultimate configuration for me.

That being said I can't reject the possibility of wanting a couple more of those beautiful handles at one point 😁

Happy Shaves Everybody!

Congratulations!! You picked two exceptional modern razors to join your vintage collection. Wolfman razors are outstanding!!
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