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My Dreadnought Spartan DE Broke!

First off let me say, I've been away for quite a while, had some sudden employment issues - mostly worked out now, and it's good to be back on these forums!

Anyway, I had left my DN Spartan hanging on a razor/ brush stand, with the head loose to help the blade dry. My wife then went through and packed up all the bathroom as we moved, and threw it in my spic kit without realizing the head was loose.... fast forward to the next morning and I found the razor in three pieces, the threaded shaft coming off the top plate having broken about halfway down its length! I was able to reassemble it using the remaining threads, and it seems to be adequately strong, but it definitely bothers me! so i have emailed Dreadnought, and am awaiting their reply, anyone know how good their customer service is? obviously this was partially due to owner error not just a faulty product, but i'm hoping i can get new top plate (with the cool logo!) without having to buy a whole new razor!
I had never been hearing about this razor before. What materials are they using, there is not a single word about that on their home page? Because it broke, I somehow guess it is Zamak.

To me the geometry looks very similar to the one of Merkur and Weber. If you really like that geometry and you do not get a spare part, you maybe could look into a Weber as stainless steel will not snap in pieces the same easily as that one. Weber is even less expensive than Spartan.
Zamak strikes again! Sorry for your loss.

Try out a vintage Gillette. Look at a Tech, a New, or a Super Speed. Great shaves and quality that will outlast all of us.
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