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My DE razor is absolutely perfect! Does this mean I don’t need to buy any others?

I had been using for about 10 years plus, but thinking about the concept of simple satisficing, this razor ticks all the boxes and then some.

So, is the acquisition of multiple razors mostly about having nice stuff versus having superior stuff?
I thought the same thing with my 1st razor, then I purchased Parker Variant Adjustable, I enjoyed it for some time then I went for Game Changer 84 Open Comb and fell in love with it. I seriously resisted any new purchase for about a year and a few months, then I went for RazoRock Wunderbar and Blackland Blackbird Open Comb. I am very satisfied with the simple rotation of my 3 SS DE razors and don't look for any more slants or open comb razors.

But, then I started feeling the need for a great Close Comb razor but nothing in the current market, and my budget suited me - I considered Edwin Jagger 3ONE6, Muhle Rocca to Blackbird in Close Comb version, but nothing hit anywhere near my liking.

Then I came across the thread Green Cult razor, and I was amazed by the basic yet gorgeous looks of it and also with the supposed efficiency.
My heart was set on it and I tried mail forwarding, Etsy, and all the commonly available options for procuring it, but since I'm geographically located in a country that is not served by the Vendor on either website, I had to ask one of my relatives to bring it with him (that's a hassle I don't want to get into). I got the razor 2 days ago and shave with it today.

To say that it exceeded my expectations may very well be an understatement, it is that good (For my preference and needs), and I couldn't have imagined this feeling unless I used this razor.

Long story short, go with what your heart tells you to do; I'm happy with my limited number of razor rotations, but it is OK to Live a little and get a new shiny bauble if my heart desires it.

Someone smart enough said - Everything in moderation, even moderation in moderation.
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I've pretty much found the best razors for me, but I'm also a collector of vintage Gillette razors and there's just one model that I want to have in my collection and that's it.

I have no need to keep the modern razors that I don't use very often, so I might sell most of them at some point and wait a few years before something else comes up and give it a try. The other thing is that I might get in straight razors too and who knows how things are going to end up.
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