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My daughter checked out the razors and brushes in my shaving den.

Yes actually she is 16. She is pretty aware of a lot of the current issues in the world. She calls me a boomer if I say somthing that she thinks is out of touch. That gets me because I'm not a boomer i'm gen x and have lived in the shadow of boomers all my life.
We are the new generation if 'old man' LOL
My daughter is five. She likes the stones the best. She’s still under the impression that everyone in the world uses a straight razor. She’s not big on beards either. Says they are gross.

She asked me at the supermarket what the carts were for. I had a good look at them and just said that they looked like junk to me. Not sure why anyone would buy those.

I’ve never once managed to pass her BBS test.
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