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From top to bottom. Vintage Kaweco, Inoxcrom (It was my first FP, I tried to restore the nib but I'm not happy with the result, I guess I'll buy a new one sooner or later), Parker 51 aerometric (Late 50s if I'm not mistaken, it was a present from my Grandfather, who's also keeping a Meisterstrück 149 for me, but we've agreed that I won't pick it up until he dies... Let's hope this day is still far away) and Lamy Safari, which is my EDC.

By the way, I honed this Lamy until it had an "arrowtip-shaped" nib, and now it writes something like this: fine, but really dense.



Cheaper than ink
Looks good, nice little collection ... I'm still digging your Kaweco! Looks like your ink mix is pretty satisfactory too.
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