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My Cinco de Mayo Menu

Breakfast Menu:
Crème Fraîche Cupcakes w/ Provence Lavender Icing
Fresh Berries

Lunch Menu:
Whole Wheat Pissaladière Pizza w/ Tapenade, Pine Nuts, Goat Cheese
Asparagus Parmesan Pain Perdu w/ Homemade Tomato Jam

Cod en Papillote
Chilled Asparagus Mélange w/ Fines Herbes Aïoli

Inspired by
"french in a flash" column on serious eats.
http://www.seriouseats.com/tags/recipes/french%20in a flash

It's going to be a good day eating/cooking instead of studying for my Chem final in 5 hours.

What's your menu?
You should add some tomato sauce, carrots, peas and corn to your avatar

EDIT: saved you 5 mins
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Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for "fifth of May") is a voluntarily-observed holiday that commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

Hehe, back in the high school days (not even a year ago, lol) on Cinco de Mayo, the French and Spanish club would get out for the rest of the day after lunch and have a field day. The French club would usually, win, fun stuff :)
I'm in Vancouver. Chances are anyone up here who speaks Spanish is from Spain. ;)

We have a lot of great ethnic food here, but (decent) mexican food is conspicuously absent. The only good mexican food I've had in BC was from a place in Prince George run by white people who lived in Mexico for five or six years.

OTOH, I've heard lots of stories from Chinese people born and raised in Vancouver going to China to visit family and complaining that the food isn't as good. :D
I'll e having chicken fajitas this evening. I started marinating the chicken Monday evening, and complete forgot that today was Cinco de Mayo. Oh well, a good coincidence I guess.
Cinco de Mayo is my wedding anniversary. While I love me some Mexican food, we typically opt for something pretty good to celebrate. Tonight we are enjoying dinner at the Melting Pot (her favorite place) to celebrate 9 years together.
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