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    I like the shape and the finish looks good.
    I am relatively new to CA finishing, but I use micromesh wet sanding pads to 12,000 grit then MAAS metal polish on the CA finish and on Acrylics. It has worked good for me so far..
    I recently ordered a few things from Maggards and asked over the phone about boar knots. They said they didn't currently sell a boar knot. Was that removed from another handle?
  1. Graydog

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    Maggard has boar knots ?
  2. Sorry, that was a product of a partial copy and paste. You are correct, it is not a Maggard knot. It is a knot from amazon. My bad hahaha you guys are on it!
  3. I thought mabey you had connections and could buy products not available to us common folk.
  4. Graydog

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  5. Ice-Man

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    I know Whipped Dog has Boar knots as I got one from him for my Rubberset 400, if that is any use......
  6. Graydog

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    Well I have been using the CA for wood for a little while now and find that
    it seems to flow better and it does take a little longer to cure but I have been getting a outstanding smooth
    finish with it . Is it better ? time will tell on how it holds up ?
  7. Awesome. Thanks for the reply. I am in the same camp as you. It performs great, so time will tell. Cheers!

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