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    I have been using a combination of the thin and medium CA "wood finish" that @Graydog was describing. Mostly thin though. I have only used the medium in some instances.
  1. Stick Fast 240 CA Wood Finish, 4.6 oz Capacity, Thin
    Stick Fast CA Finish Medium 4 oz.
    Rockler Cyanoacrylate Quick-Set Flexible Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle

    I haven't used the flexible yet.
  2. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    These are from September 2016 The first picture and then Dec.2016 and then there is the "Bucket" full of almost IMG_6031.JPG IMG_6913.JPG IMG_6886.JPG 20170425_145826.jpg Bucket.jpg
  3. Thanks for the info. I will check that out. And I guess I don't need to answer weather I want to see some of your early work. But OF COURSE.

    Thanks @Lightcs1776 and @Hyloworks I really enjoy seeing everyones work also. The brush making and restorations forums is one of my favorite places on the web.
  4. Did you get the amazon links to the glue?
  5. Here is my first brush, I made it about 12 years ago. I recently took the knot out though.

  6. Yes I saw that, thank you. I have a woodcraft near me and they carry the stick fast glues, so I will check there first.
  7. Brush #7 24mm Silvertip Maggard Knot with Wenge handle. This wenge had a lot of light colored flecks in it, at least more than I'm used to. Most of the the light spots are just that and not polish. My wife thought it was polish at first. 20190318_204801.jpg 20190318_204843.jpg 20190318_205230.jpg
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    That is very sharp in its simplicity. I like designs that stand out like that.
  9. Very nice. Looks like glass, good job on the finish. That is beautiful wood, I haven't worked with wenge. How is it to work with?
  10. It is a little tough to work with. It's heavy and dense. It will chip out if you don't keep your tools sharp, I sharpened them a couple of times during this session. Overall it's not bad to work with, I definitely recommend wearing respiratory protection. I was slightly sensitive to this woods dust. One last note, it is porous so plan accordingly to get it filled in before finishing or make sure to do a lot of thin coats at first to get them filled up.
  11. I actually prefer the wooden handles not to have as thick of a finish, but this wood was so porous that I had to build it up like that.
  12. Thanks!
  13. Nice looking brush!
  14. I tend to prefer for wood to feel like wood and usually like oiled finish or very thin finish, however on a brush handle I can appreciate the desire to have a thicker glassy finish that should protect the wood for years to come. A lot of people soak brushes for a while before use so I want to get good at the thicker glassy finish for long term piece of mind.
  15. Brush #8 Sapele handle 24mm Maggard Boar knot. I went a little smaller and a little more simple with this one. Trying to perfect this finishing thing. 20190327_184932.jpg 20190327_184720.jpg
  16. Looks great!

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