My Brush Making Journey

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    I am moving my thread to this sub-forum. I didn't see this forum at the bottom of the page initially. It was started as "DIY shaving brush."
  1. First attempt. 24mm silvertip from Maggard's 20190221_181750.jpg
  2. Second handle 20190227_173803.jpg 20190227_173738.jpg
  3. 3rd attempt. 24mm synthetic from Maggard's 20190303_185020.jpg
  4. 4th attempt. 24mm silvertip from Maggard's. 20190303_142159.jpg 20190303_142255.jpg
  5. I am currently working on another handle in Mesquite wood. I am also experimenting with finishes. I will continue to update. I just received a few more knots from Maggard's.
  6. For perspective... the gray and black handle is the WCS tall brush and the handle height is right at about 3". I really like the shape and feel of that handle. 20190303_184855.jpg 20190303_141759.jpg
  7. Ooh - I like the shape of that one.
    And the colours.
    How thick is the (wall?) of the handle at the top?
  8. Not very thick. I would say there is around a 1/16 of an inch maybe 3/32". Basically as thin as I thought would be safe against the pressure of lathering. I tested the strength as I went. It is a really chubby handle though. For face lathering.
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  9. I'd worry about it splitting just from wetting and drying cycles.
  10. Agreed, but it was a test run with a left over scrap lamination from another project and the synthetic knot was only like 7 or 8 dollars I think. The other solution is to continue making brushes until the rotation is so large that the brush wouldn't ever get to suffer that fate. I do think a solid piece would work better in this shape for longevity.
  11. I did also make sure to coat the entire inside of the mortise with epoxy.
  12. Nice looking brushes!
  13. Very nice work! I love that they show the wood grain beautifully, and without too much gloss. If I can get my (future) handles to come anywhere close to your level of turning and finish I will be very happy.
  14. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Nice work, I like how members are making different styles of brush handles.
  15. I agree. That's what I love the most. Seeing everyone else's vision and personal touch.
  16. Nice work. And interesting handle shapes. Alot of times I start a brush with a particular shape in mind, and end up with something completely different when I'm done.
  17. I have been there. Since I a just starting out I have just been turning handles shapes that I already know I enjoy. I am a big fan of tall and fat handles. I have some ideas for future turnings.
  18. Look forward to seeing more brushes in the future.
    I've been playing around with some different materials.
  19. Got around to using one of the brushes tonight. The Maggard 24mm silvertip knot is great. 20190306_220100.jpg 20190306_220127.jpg

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