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My Bourbon cabinet...finally complete

When i was really bad, that would take me about five weeks to go through.
Crazy town. I don't miss those days, but you sure have done a nice job of collecting and presenting them all!
That is amazing. Lighting is great too.
Thank you. Bourbon has such nice coloring and a light behind it only enhances it...they are nothing but simple puck lights ran from a remote but they do the trick.

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That is some project. Looks great.

So you mean it is NOT finished and you will have to spend more money on it?1:
Even when its "done" there is still the matter of keeping it stocked...its never ending. A worthwhile pursuit though. I love bourbon and as a native born Kentuckian it's in my blood.

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Very well done!
Try to get a bottle of Old Forester Prohibition Style and if at all possible a bottle of 1816 Chattanooga whiskey on that shelf. You will not be disappointed.
I love the design and materials chosen plus you did a really nice job putting it all together. Beautiful work there, really well done.