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My Birthday's coming up...not!...maybe.


Aaron Scissorhands
I planned on patronizing a new seafood restaurant her in Southwest Austin for my BD...ya know with raw oysters, cocktail shrimp and a Mexican Martini and all. The 19 may keep that from happening, at least in the way I dreamed of. So, forget about it. I'm on the hunt for a prime brisket (wood, because I'm out), a pork butt, ribs and sausage. Could a birthday be any better? The wife says, "instead, why don't you go over and pick out 3 t-shirts from Goodwill." I said, "not unless I could use them for slathering on sauce." Ha!!!

The backyard is just as good for birthdays if you have meat, wood, fire, smoke and booze. I don't even need company.


Munted Old Cog
Back yard birthdays is where it's at. Light a fire, cook some meat, down some cold ones, what's not to like.
Happy Birthday.