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MY...Best Shave Ever.


After eight years of going with a shaving set-up of Ikon Standard Razor / Feather Blades / Maca Root Shaving Cream, I ventured out and tried several newer artisan soaps and about four new razors.

In the end, and after getting a BBS shave, which almost included my neck of all places, I have decided to ride with this set-up for awhile: Feather AS/D2 Razor / Feather Blades / Declaration Grooming Sweet Lemon or Arko Soap and/or Proraso Single Blade Azure Lime Cream.

I am doing this, because I just had what I consider to be my best shave with the least amount of passes and irritation. Not saying the Feather AS/D2 is the best razor, but it is for me considering the ease of use and BBS shave. Also, the tolerances on the razor seem perfect, which is not always the case and I have never seen with Ikon. This thing is "on the money" in terms of its manufacturing quality and precision.

As for blades, well, I see no need to change. Feathers are so darn cheap, yet so sharp, I can't imaging looking for anything "better." I did that long ago and grew tired of the duds I experienced along the way until I found Feather.

As for soap, I am very impressed with Declaration Grooming's Sweet Lemon. Smells like a lemon baked good and has good strength of scent and awesome lather. Arko, to me, is the best soap value in shaving and when I do a superlather with the Proraso Single blade cream, I get a very nice scent instead of Ivory Soap scent that gets old to me after awhile. I used this superlather for my best shave mentioned above.

All things considered, I had a good eight year run, but looking forward to my new set-up for awhile. Clearly, once I find what I like I stick with it, so I will see how long this lasts before trying new stuff.

As always....YMMV.

All the best!


I didnt know
Its nice when it all comes together.

A "Fixed Four" for a month can teach us all a lot.
I have an AS-D2 as well and haven’t had much luck with it. Like you, I love the quality and tolerances. A fixed four for a month would really do me some good.
Still looking for my perfect blade to razor combo so it’s reassuring to hear someone finding theirs. I’ve been using basically one razor amd switching blades. How many razors did you run through before settling on the feather?
Still looking for my perfect blade to razor combo so it’s reassuring to hear someone finding theirs. I’ve been using basically one razor amd switching blades. How many razors did you run through before settling on the feather?

Ten years ago, I bought every vintage razor and well-reviewed new razor on the market for a two year period. I spared no expense. I ended up loving the first Ikon that came out. I could shave fast and get BBS without too much effort. Also, Maca Root shaving cream from The Body Shop was my top performer along with Feather Blades.

Recently, I started dabbling again, simply because I thought 8 years was a long time and maybe I could improve on some things. Well, I tried the Rockwell and Ikon Tech - which is fine and was hard to get, but too aggressive for every day for me - and the ever-popular Merkur 34, since I've never had one.

All fine razors, but the Feather, to me, is just a cut above those. One thing is for sure, the quality is unquestionable. I also have a Feather straight-razor that you put Feather blades in and I love that too for trimming and shaping my beard.

Anyway, I believe that YMMV is the truest statement in shaving, so who knows? I never disparage ANY product, because it is somebody else's favorite and who am I to judge their experience. I try not to mention products that didn't do it for me for that reason, unless asked.

My best advice is to keep trying until you have that shave that says, "That is it...I dig it!" I seem to do this with many products in life, and probably women too, so YMMV is a key to life :) LOL

Good luck!
I’ve been DE shaving for about 6 years so you have me by a couple. Like you, I went a different route ultimately have found how great mild razors with sharp blades can be. Never thought favorites in rotation would ever be mild, this includes my pre-war Tech and Game Changer. Both are very similar in shave, easy to get BBS, and are irritation free daily shaves.

I like to use both Kai and Yellows in those razors.
Brother Derek,

Glad to read of your success. Would you say your whiskers are mild, or medium, or coarse and tough?

That info is highly important to evaluate your experience.
It's funny how inexpensive products like Arko and Proraso can work just as well as expensive stuff like Declaration Grooming.
Congrats - I so agree with you, the Feather AS-D2/Feather blade combo is unbeatable.

Still my AS-D2 don’t see much use since I fell down the vintage rabbit hole...
I'm going to have to try a fixed four for a while. I'm all over the place with blade, razor, soap, etc. It's fantastic when your end result is smooth and cool.
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