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My bespoke QCS soaps arrived!

What a day!
Today my bespoke soaps from Queen Charlotte Soaps arrived.

A big fan of the Basilica, I got inspired by Barber-Eiles custom soaps and her kudos (thx! :thumbup:).

After ample discussion with Matthew we decided on three soaps, and after even more mailing we settled for Bespoke Shaving Cream as the label (and in a great tradition, we labelled the soaps No1, No2 and No3 respectively).

I think the scents came out perfectly, and Matthew delivered a fine product.

No 1 is the Cocorosie we talked about in Barber-Eile's thread. Matthew and I decided to have the rose and the coconut in balance and it turned out a dream: the scents complement perfectly into a floral-Caribbean scent with a mild but masculine rose and woodsy coconut tones.

No 2 is a lavender geranium shaving cream soap. I have this as a whipped up shea butter and have liked the scent and wanted it for a shaving soap ever since. Matthew created a herby lavender that balances the geranium scent very well.

No 3 is our bespoke Lime. We coupled it with a dash of bergamot and a little rose to create something like a "Florida Water meets Earl Grey"- style soap. This one is a very inviting soap, as the bergamot/rose addition just seem to make the lime so much more interesting and deep.

It has been a pleasure working with Matthew. His advice on scents, the choices for EO and FO per scent and the work on the labels all contributed to this fun project. And of course, he managed to bring our ideas and inspirations to life in a great way. Another big load of kudos to QCS!
Awesome! This is exactly how I hope the whole renaissance in male grooming goes. This is what Taylor, Trumper, Truefitt, and Penhaligon's used to do. Custom scents and products for gents discriminating enough to come and ask for it. Particularly for things like hair tonics and aftershaves. Well done to the OP and Matthew.

Regards, Todd
Congrats!!! The creams/soaps look great. I'll keep saying Matthew at QCS makes the best cream/soap on the market right now.
After a period of using them, I am happy to report that Matthew delivered excellent stuff!

No 1 is the Cocorosie. This one is really something for the Sundays. Such a woodsy luxury with the rose and the coconut.
A great scent.

No 2 is the lavender geranium shaving cream soap. This was the reason I started this little project, and strangely enough, I use it the least.
The scent is fabulous, but maybe the normal lavender of QCS is already top notch.

No 3 is our bespoke Lime. We coupled it with a dash of bergamot and a little rose to create something like a "Florida Water meets Earl Grey"- style soap.
The absolute winner, and it came as an extra while working on the project.
What a super-soap. The scent is just spot on. I understood another gentleman also had one created - I salute you - a wise choice and I hope you enjoy it!

If i ever finish these, I know what to do :)
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