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My bad experience buying a straight razor from the artisan Angelo Murru

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Good morning. First I want to apologize. It's not a forum I'm in because it's not my language, but I think it's necessary to make this information available to everyone. For this reason, I am sorry to register like this, but maybe you can understand it when you read my experience.
If you want to know about my career, ask the moderators about my behavior, so that you can see that this is nothing strange, you are free to go to sincortenohaygloria, the best-known Spanish forum, in which I am quite active.

I want to tell you about my experience buying from this artisan. Although I have screenshots of everything, I will not spread them. Simply, it is my experience told as objectively as possible, so that you can decide for yourselves if it is worth it or not to buy this man.

Although I am going to spread it through all the most important shaving forums, you are free to share it wherever you want.

As a good fan of straight razors, after a few years of buying and selling, I decided to make the best possible collection, so I started buying from the artisans that most caught my attention. After having deals with the most important ones, and with some small ones, i have obteined an interestign collection.
With all the artisans that I have dealt with, Livi, Sprecher, Kalmash, Jenes Sandor and many more, they have been professional and friendly in their dealings.

What was going to be my last assignment, went to Angelo. His razors seemed aesthetically very beautiful to me, and I decided to order him a model that I really liked on his Instagram.

I contacted him, and apparently everything went as normal. Friendly, communicative, there seemed to be no problem. I decided on a model and sent him a first payment.

All right. He told me that in a month and a half that the order was completed. There began my particular hell. I'll summarize it so it doesn't get too long:

-Shortly after, he asks me for another payment because he has no margin and he sends me a photo of his medical bills. Of course, he did not demand it, it was if i could.
-About 2 and a half months later he tells me that he has it ready. He sends me some pictures of the finished razor. Excited, I sent the last payment that I had left to pay plus shipping costs.
-I see that he does not communicate with me to give me any shipping tracking and I try to contact him to see what happens. Every week he tells me that he sends it on Tuesday, but he never does.
-I start to worry and i ask him why is it so hard to send it. He keeps making excuses for sending it next week. He starts to get aggressive with me as if I offended him for asking him to send me a razor that I have already paid for and he asks me to be patient.
-Weeks go by and besides being more and more difficult to communicate with him, I begin to think that he never did it and I tell him directly. I start to think that he has sent me photos of the razor that I saw on his Instagram and he has tricked me with it.
-I tell him that I'm going to ask for a refund in paypal, in a very good way, and that I'm willing to pay him again when he really does it. He tells me that since I pay with PayPal as a friend, "he wishes me luck getting the money back." Unfortunately here I had my big mistake. Accustomed for years to paying honest people like this, you do it automatically.
-Months and months trying to get him to do the job (and confirming to me that he never did it because of his answers). He ignores me and when he writes me a response on his Instagram, it's just to say that we talked for the week. He tries to calm me down and understands that I am angry.
-Having a particular handle carved by another craftsman, I even tell him that I am willing to change the razor in order to end all this. If more people have to be involved, I fear the worst.
-The situation lasts for months. It's getting harder and harder to talk to him. He has had every possible excuse, COVID, vacation, etc. He will always talk to me next week.

In short, he doesn't even deign to talk to me anymore and when he does it's only to make excuses. These last few weeks, he's directly ignoring me. I send a notification to his email and Instagram, that I am going to report to the police in 15 days if he does not return the money or send me the razor. I also i want to inform him, that although I know that he is not going to send me anything or refund my money, I will try to help with my experience in all this so that people can decide if it is worth entrusting a job to a person like him.

And that's where I am now, fulfilling my promise. I am going to translate this writing (by google translate, what a remedy) to the different shaving forums. Honestly, I'll feel satisfied if what happened to me doesn't happen to anyone again.

Thank you very much for your time and sorry for the inconvenience
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