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My ATT M2 and Listening to Advice

After a week shaving with my ATT Kronos with the M2 plate, I'm happy to say that this is my razor. My shave this morning, on day two with a med prep, was my best ever. No irritation, no weepers (unheard of for me), and a near BBS shave. But I have done enough extolling the virtues of this razor. This is really about following the guidance of the experienced around here.

I have probably read the phrase "don't use any pressure" when reading about shaving technique a hundred times around here. This morning, as I made my ever vexing chin area, I actually really used NO pressure. While I thought that I had internalized and embraced this advice, I learned that I was never really following it. I have always used some pressure. So as I approached my chin, I changed the way I was holding my hefty ATT Kronos, and TRULY let it do the work with zero pressure from me.

What a revelation. No weepers. Imagine that. Now my ATT and I have truly bonded. Perhaps the R1 plate will be pulled out of the drawer after all. Thanks guys for the advice I got months ago, and finally truly heeded.
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I ordered the M1 and I'm hoping when it arrives I'll feel the way you do. I have the R1 currently and it's just too much. I just can't love the razor with the R1 plate.
The Kronos R1 was the best razor I had ever used.

Then I got the M1. Even better!

Above the Tie makes fantastic products and Stan is an amazing guy. Good luck!
Again, I have tried at least 40 vintage and modern razors and the only other razor I use anymore is the Weber PH. The ATT Kronos R1/M1 and the Weber PH provide me with the best face and headshaves of my life :D.

I really hope the M1 works out for you better. The R1 is quite aggressive. Most people tend to agree that the M1 is more aggressive than the Weber but I respectfully disagree. I think you'll love it.
I am confident that TSTemplar will get the M1 to work for him. The R1, the first plate I had, was really rough on me. Too much. Although, I am now looking forward to trying it again.
The Kronos R1 was the best razor I had ever used.

Then I got the M1. Even better!

Above the Tie makes fantastic products and Stan is an amazing guy. Good luck!

Same for me. I used the R1 and loved it but I'm able to get a closer smoother shave with the M1 as I can go ATG without irritation Sold the R1.
At one time I had a collection razors and I have sold all of them in favor of the ATT system I have all 6 plates but seem to only use the H2 plate I may sell the 3 sold bar plates but somehow I just end up keeping them. Anyway all the best with your ATT in my opinion it is the best double edge ever made
My Atlas M2 is my daily shaver and I can't see getting another razor unless it's just a case of RAD gone crazy. Throw in a J hook here and there and Gillette Slide in certain places and I get beautifully smooth shave every time. The R2 I started with was a little too much for my throat area.
I am slowly but surely converting to SE razors :X. I use my ATT once in a while, but the GEMs have my full attention right now. SE blades and my skin are two peas in a pod - especially the OCMM!
I have all the "1" plates plus the M2. Love them all, use them all. I think if you don't use the H plate everyday it gives a very close shave, so I only use it every few days. I'll generally use one of my R plates daily for the first pass then finish up with the M1. If I shave the day before with the R1, I only have to do a one pass touch up the next day with the M1. if I happen to be using a straight that day then I only do touch ups with the M1.

Cant think of any way to improve on the system, other than picking up an M2 plate.
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