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My assault pack smells like KMF Key Lime!!!

Went on a quick mission to another base yesterday and stayed overnight. We left in a hurry this morning so I didn't have time to properly stow my stuff. The only lathering product I brought was my KMF Key Lime. Go figure some got pumped out somehow when we went bouncing around the mountains of Afghanistan. When we got back to our base I was walking back to my room and could faintly pick up the scent. Sure enough I opened it up and about one pumps worth was smeared on the inside of a pouch I attached to my pack. :lol: Wasn't hard to clean up though, and it actually made me laugh a little.
Nothing wrong with a pouch that smells like key lime. Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for your service.
Thank you, sir, for your service. I'll never think of KMF (which I like) as a "girly" product again,
The lavender and Green Tea were too sweet for me. The Key Lime is just right! The pack did attain a BBS shave, but needs to be a bit more carful around the zipper area...maybe try a little blade buffing or something!

Great story. You will have the best smelling assault pack in the country.

Stay safe and thank you for your service. Enjoy your shaves.

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