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My 9 yr. old daughter

My son (9) is really into his knives and swords at the moment. So giving him something sharp and pointing him at my neck will not be a good idea..

Sounds like girls doesn't have the same risk.. As above, Lucky man! :thumbup:
That's amazing! That sets the bar for my 15 month old - she'll be standing on a chair shaving the back of my neck in no time!
That's cool! I usually try to do my neck with a shavette, it turns out looking ok as far as I can tell. I went to the barber once pretty soon after giving myself a clean up. I had decided to clean up my neck after having a couple of bourbon's and thought things looked pretty good when I was done (fantastic even). Well the barber asked who did the clean up job on my neck and I told her I did it with my shavette. She asked if I did it after having a few bourbon's, shocked that she seemed to know me so well, I said "why yes I did!". All she said is, "Don't EVER shave ANYTHING after drinking again!" I have no idea how bad it looked to her but what I thought looked good must have been pretty bad. I went back again some time later after another clean up I had done (no bourbon) and she said, loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, "you did it again didn't you? you shaved your neck drunk didn't you?" When I told her that the work she was seeing was my BEST work, she just told me to give up trying. She put her cell number in my phone and told me to call her if I am thinking I need to do my neck and she will come by my office on her way into the shop and shave it. I guess she is tired of fixing my screw ups. Nobody in MY house is kind enough to clean up my neck except my 6 year old ...and she is NOT getting the keys to the shavette just yet.

What you did by asking your daughter for help and handing her your razor though...that's cool stuff she'll remember one day. AND when you are REALLY old, she may end up shaving your face for you. That's why they call you Triggerman! cuz you're on target!
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