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My 9 yr. old daughter

... shaved my neck last night.
I am very inflexible and am not able to reach around and shave the back of my neck. Usually I have my wife do it, but she was busy. So I asked my 9 yr. old daughter if she would be interested in trying it. She was very happy to give it a try!
I loaded a fresh Personna Red in my 40's SS, loaded my brush and gave her a 30 second tutorial. I think it helped that she has watched me shave hundreds of times.
She lathered me up and went to town. She did 1 pass plus a cleanup.
No nicks, cuts or irritation. This was the first time she has held a razor. I was VERY proud of her!
Very impressive! My daughter loves to play with my unwanted soaps and make lather which she then brushes on my back for fun. Today she sprayed "Hello Kitty" perfume on top of it . . .
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