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MWF vs Tabac

Guys, using my Dovo 5/8ths St8 when it comes to protecting your skin, and a slippery shave how does Tabac Shave soap rate against MWF shave soap and are there any soaps that are better for sensitive skin?
I found mwf to be better. It was slicker and left my face feeling better. the smell of mwf is also lighter and fresh smelling, tabac is a heaver smell to me and I found it unpleasant. Needless to say tabac left after a short time with me and I now have a spare puck of mwf lol
Both of them are great soaps however MWF will be causing allergies which like burn feeling or redness for some people.
TABAC is man in a can. That said, MWF is .001% slipperier!

Chuck Norris wouldn't be cause dead using anything other than TABAC.

But then again, Chuck Norris would never be caught dead.
I agree with Utopian. I love the scents of both, though they are at opposite ends of the scent spectrum, and both perform great with a straight, DE or SE. I feel MWF doesn't dry out my face as much.
Havent tried Tabac yet....but I can speak to the merits of MWF.

MWF is awesome slippery soap....when lathered correctly.
Havent tried Tabac yet....but I can speak to the merits of MWF.

MWF is awesome slippery soap....when lathered correctly.

Indeed, MWF must be coerced into lather. Once sufficiently threatned, it is the finest of perfomers. YMMV.

I love both soaps but I like the lather I get with MWF a little bit more. If you like the scent of Tabac and you can lather MWF then you can't go wrong having either in your den.
I have and like them both very much. I used MWF this morning and enjoyed a wonderful shave. I think that MWF holds a slight edge in the moisturizing area. It is a wonderful cold weather soap. I don't think that you will go wrong with either one.

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Both are great soaps, they have a permanent spot in my shave arsenal. I think you will need to try them both :lol:

Seriously try them both. If you don't like them you can easily sell them on the BST. There are many people that will gladly take them off your hands.
MWF: better scent [albiet a little weak], better slip, better moisturisation.

Tabac: slightly easier/quicker to reach optimal lather, but thats where its upper hand ends.

I can lather it, I can shave with it, but OMG, the itch on my skin afterwards is unbearable. Red and itchy like I just slept on a cheap feather pillow.

If you are like me and are allergic to cats, ragweed, feathers, dust, cheap perfumes, etc - you may want to pass on MWF. It will shave great, but you will really regret it.:glare:
I like both but I give the nod to Tabac because I really like the scent.

I might just mix them together and call it,,, BacFat,,,on second thought, maybe not.

It's the lanolin. Unfortunately some people react aversely to it.
MWF should have thought of that before stating that "it is great for sensitive skin"
However, if you can tolerate lanolin it is a superb performing soap!

Both MWF & Tabac are top of the line stuff.
And they are cheap enough to buy both :tongue_sm


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Both soaps are truly excellent. But between the two I prefer MWF, which seems to work slightly better for my skin type. Also, I like the scent of MWF much more.


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Scent and performance-wise, I give the nod to Mitchell's with Tabac not too far behind.

Only regarding ease of latherability does Tabac come out ahead but with a little tinkering with MWF, that issue is easily rectified.

Also both come housed in two of the nicest containers in the biz.
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