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MWF v Captain Fawcett soap

Which of these is the better soap and why. I do like MWF but have been hearing some positive reviews on Captain Fawcett some of which claim it’s a better soap. Interested in opinions of those that have tried/used both.

Thanks Guys
Had my first shave with Captain Fawcett Scapicchio soap today and been using MWF so that I am on my second (or third) puck. I think these soaps are so different that you cannot compare them.

What is it that you want better than MWF?

CF cannot beat slickness of MWF but CF gives a lot better cushion and protection than MWF. I always have to be very careful with MWF because in my limited experience I just cannot get it to function as a decent enough protection. Even I like it a lot it has it faults.

They are both good soaps but behave very differently.
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