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MWF OCtober

I know it is October 3rd already, but better late than never I always say. I have had a puck of MWF laying around for a month or so, and I just got a nice wooden bowl for it.
This will also be the first time I have used MWF at all, so any tips will be appreciated.
Oh yeah, I actually started using MWF on Monday to start the week, so I will start there.

Monday, September 30

Description:The Omega 10290 and MWF. I was in a hurry, the lather was a little thin at first, got nicer for the 2nd pass. It has been a while since I used the Gentile plate, it felt nicer than I remember. Very efficient. I could really feel it cut on the 2nd pass under my chin, but no irritation. WH wet and nice, Layrite splash was nice! DFS almost BBS
Tuesday, October 1

Descriptio:The Omega 10066 and MWF. Built a fairly quick lather, kinda Arko like. The blade felt almost the same in the Pic, so it must be the blade. It cuts, but not smooth. You feel it, it doesn't irritate. Just not as nice as a Nacet. 2 passes, nothing to write home about. WH felt nice and wet. Layrite felt nice too! Very Close Shave.
RR DE1-Astra SP(1)
Wednesday, October 2

Description: The Omega 10066 and MWF. No water in bowl, took my time, got a nice lather. Too bad the razor and blade sucked. Total fail combo. 1 pass, got a weeper and nicked my mole! WH was ok, used the Veg, my face was not very happy. SAS


Wow, a dissident thread. :behead:

I'm GRUMEing through TabOCtober, so why not split the rotation with MWF.

I'm in. :straight:
67 Tech-Astra SP(2)
Thursday, October 3

Description: The Cremo horsey and MWF. Got a pretty nice lather, the Cremo is the Boss for now...... Got a much better shave with the Tech, than the DE1, smoother and closer, but still got a weeper and nick. 2 passes, really did a nice job on my neck. But not what I have become used to as far as comfort goes. The Witch Hazel felt nice, but felt some stinging from the Amici. Will try a Nacet in this razor next. SAS
I have the same brush and like it a lot. I think I’ll use it for today’s shave.
I was walking through Target when I spotted the Cremo brush on the shelf, bought it on a whim. I was very surprised what a nice brush it is. I'll probably get one for my son, my daughter has dibs on my RR Plissoft.........
67 Tech-Nacet(5)
Thursday, October 3

Evening shave.The Boss and MWF. Haven't used the White Knight for a while, built a pretty nice lather, but really felt scritchy on my face. Now I remember why I haven't used it in a while. Just a regular 2 pass shave, a little more comfortable than this morning's shave. The Nacet is an improvement over the Astra SP. Gonna use the 53 Tech next, with a Nacet. WH felt ok, the AV stung a bit. SAS



I haven't shaved with MWF for over 5 weeks and I'm so glad to have it back in rotation. Today's shave was epic. I absolutely love love love The Fat.

Fatip Piccolo
BIC Chrome Platinum [2]
Mitchell's Wool Fat
Omega 10098
Denim Original AS

A dram of JW Black Label
Been using MWF since i purchased it a month or so ago. Started using a dryer brush and loading for 20-30 seconds then adding more water. Seems to be more consistent this way, doesnt tend to dissipate as often.
I now use the same soap through my home five brush stable, or five home days per soap before switching soaps. For me this seems to work best as the soap stays sufficiently hydrated with no need to bloom the soap. MWF is probably my most sensitive soap for hydration, but lathers well with the four badgers and one boar using my hard South Florida water.
MWF:SOTD Friday, October 4
53 Tech
RR Bruce
Layrite No. 9

The Bruce and MWF. Once again, it took some time, but a very nice lather was had. The 53 Tech once again proved why it is my favorite tech. The first pass was smooth WTG face and neck. This razor is happy when you take your time with the shave. The 2nd pass WTG face, and ATG neck. I rarely shave ATG, but this razor is so mild it breezed through and gave me no irritation at all. The Whitch Hazel was cool, and the Barbershop was refreshing. DFS/ almost a BBS

Great thread!! This is the way to really dial in a soap!!!

I should probably start a list of some sort. Anyone interested in participating in MWF October please copy and add your name to the list.

1) Rosseforp
MWF is a nice soap. I grated some down and mixed it with some grated down Haslinger Schafmilch. That combination is amazing. So amazing it deserves it's own name. The Fat 'As. I like the combo far better than either one alone. So I doubt I'll use the two tubs I have of each alone. I never liked either scent alone. But combined it's actually really nice. Clean and fresh. One of my favorite soaps of all. Slick, cushion, clean scent and easy lathering. What more can you want?
Saturday, October 5

English Tech(early)
Omega S
Aqua Velva

As usual, the MWF took a bit of time, great lather. The lather really was nice and thick and creamy. The 1st pass felt nice and smooth, I could really feel the feedback. As usual, the MWF was even better for the 2nd pass. This razor is so mild that I could not feel it on the 2nd pass until I shaved XTG and ATG. The feedback that it gave let me find the precise angle for shaving my neck ATG with absolutely no irritation. I did take extra time on both passes, but was rewarded with a fantastic shave. I waited till I felt my skin tighten to apply the Witch Hazel, and the AV was a cool refreshing splash with no stinging at all. BBS

Sunday, October 6
Prewar Tech
Omega 10290


The lather twas a little airy, needed to add some water. This brush doesn't really agree with MWF, too much backbone. I have gotten so used to OC's that I can get away with a 1 pass shave with them. Not with a tech. So the 1st pass was just a light WTG pass. 2nd pass XTG face and ATG neck. Pretty comfortable shave, but the English Tech from yesterday gets the nod, as it was just as nice, but much closer. DFS
MWF OCtober
Monday, October 7
Cremo Horsey
As per usual, time was spent, a nice lather was had. The 1st pass was light as a breeze, as the open comb muscle memory came back in a flash. Only WTG on 2nd pass face and neck. Could have gone ATG, didn't need to. I did feel the blade during the shave, I think that is a characteristic of this razor. The Witch hazel felt nice, and the Amici splash felt great!