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MWF Challenge-January 2011

A few of us have been talking about another soap to use after the Cade Challenge. Some have finished Cade and others are close. I just a got a fresh puck of MWF myself yesterday, just in time too!

MWF seems to be one of those soaps that is loved by many and difficult for some. I've always had a hard time with MWF, but after the Cade Challenge being a huge success for me and others I'm looking forward to conquering MWF too and I hope to learn a lot too.

So, I hope some of you will join me and use this thread as a place to share our knowledge. The goal is to use MWF daily or at least M-F:lol: until it is finished.

I look forward to this challenge and I hope you do too!!:thumbup:

I am looking forward to this. I have about 2 weeks of shaves left on my puck of Cade, and will join in immediately. In fact, I've already moved the MWF into the medicine cabinet!
I just got some MWF and Fitjars- I have decided that January will be Fitjar January since the soap has not yet been reviewed on B&B.

Fitjar Shaving soap Calmomilla puck - it is tallow based and I have used it twice. I plan a review in a week or two.


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OK, I'm in on this one too. I've got a puck in an Old Spice mug that's already got six month's semi-use. I carved into it with a fork so I can see how I'm doing during the next few weeks as I try a variety of badgers and boars. It'll take more than a month, I reckon, since it's a nice hard soap.

I've never had any problems lathering MWF but I look forward to realizing even better performance during January's challenge!

I'm in too.

I have been using MWF every day since receiving it on Christmas Day. Up to yesterday I have been using my TGN finest knot set around 44mm and I got a better lather than any soap/cream I have very used. The quality of my shave and the condition of my skin has improved significantly over the past week.

My first shave of 2011 was an entirely English affair - MWF, EJ medium best and an Aristocrat #15. Again, great lather but not as good as with the TGN finest. I will use the EJ for the next few days to see if I can replicate the performance of the TGN finest.

I have two new brushes on the way - a Semogue Owners Club and a Chubby 2 in best. I will break in both of these brushes during this challenge. Looking forward to it.
I am in, though I have hardly dented the Cade and have yet to master it.

My MWF is nearly new, so this will be a good test.
I'm in. I didn't notice this until today, but I shaved with that yesterday anyway.

I'll be using Kent soap, though (from everything I've read this is the same soap sold under a different brand name).
This is a good I dea for me. My mother had a guy hand turn a walnut bowl for soaps. I put my MWF in it and haven't used it in a while. I will play too. This bowl is too good to just look at.

I also got a new Simpson Colonal X2L and need to master MWF with it as good as I do with my old SR 3118.

I think this is going to be fun! :thumbup:

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I've been sticking to MWF for a couple of weeks now in the hope of mastering it, I'm not quite there yet, though badger seems to work better than boar. I will probably be experimenting in different ways, if I make a breakthrough I'll share the tip.

FWIW all the shaves have been good, it's just getting and keeping the lather that's been hard.
I'm in. Don't shave Sundays so will start tomorrow. My MWF puck should last out the month. If not, I'll grab a puck of Kent from my local chemist.
Okay, I'm in. Got a puck with a dozen or so shaves on it so I'm guessing it will make the month.

Should be fun. (gonna miss my go to AOS THOUGH... Maybe on Sundays...)

Bring on de fat!

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First day of MWF Challenge for me, so far so good -- used cool rainwater.

StongSet brush w/Golden Nib best badger knot
Gillette Red Tip

Plenty of lather still left over in that small brush after three passes
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