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Mustache Wax Recommendation

Hello gentleman I’m trying to get a friend some mustache wax for his birthday. But since I don’t use any I’m not really sure. Is the Phoenix Accoutrements brand any good?

Any help is welcomed


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Yes he does have a mustache with handlebars. It doesn’t need much control

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The stuff I bought at Sally Beauty Supply is made by Pinaud's. You can get it from that River in Brazil too. I bought brown colored, if I did it again it would be clear, or whatever it's called.

I found it to be fun. I used it applied heavily to look like Snidley Whiplash. I really only grew it because I was having a hard time with the CPAP machine rubbing my nose/upper lip area raw.

It's water soluble, so you can kinda play around with the strength of it, like when I was a working Cosmetologist I would dilute hair dressings. Use it, and you get used to it. If you use Mousse in your hair you get the idea.
After trying several brands (Captain Fawcett's, Firehouse, Pinaud), and some heavy hold pomades (Murray's, Schmiere, Reuzel) I have settled on Murray's heavy hold pomade. Works great, and easy to find.


B&B's Man in Italy
A great german brand that is easy to use and provides great hold is "Brother's Love".
Don't use Proraso....or maybe mine went bad..... Got 2 B glue is good stuff. Honest Amish has some w hold, and I tolerate the smell of Cremo very well.....this one I comb w heat .
When I used to have handlebars(In the process of growing again), I tried a few that worked ok, some that didn't work at all as I had hoped and originally settled with "Big Red" brand. Some nice mild scents with a decent amount of hold. Then I switched to Captain Fawcett which I loved so much more.

Captain Fawcett is my suggestion.
Glue sticks will definitely work, I've done it before. G2BG is even better, that'd hold any darn shape you want it to. But my favorite this time of year is lanolin. Not a wax per se, but it'll hold a little bit. More a product to maintain than sculpt. And the other benefits to the hairs of the mustache! As long as you can stand the faint smell of barnyard.


B&B's Man in Italy
Captain Fawcett's is getting used most of the times these days. Their traditional formula in glass jar is excellent.
If I just need to look good for a few hours I use the Fix your Lid styling fiber, but if its a long day I use death grip and a hairdryer.


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Bounder is what I use when I grow a big mo. I have tried many waxes but this worked best for me.
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