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    Looking to replace the folding mustache scissors that I was given in the fall (no later than Christmas) of 1981. The handle keeps coming off, and only started this annoying thing in the last few months.

    They were cheap even by 1981 standards. Made in China stamped into the metal. But they have served me well these past 37 years. They even have a liitle pouch and comb. I am not where I can get pictures at the moment.

    I don't want to spend a lot and want them to be something that would survive a TSA agent's inspection.

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  1. Picked up some Tweezerman Moustache scissors at a local beauty supply shop.
  2. How do the scissors feel? Work alright?
  3. Only used them once so far. Much nicer than my 35 year old ones probably ever were.

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  4. I use a pair of Fiskars 94817797 Embrodery Scissors with a Micro-Tip. The pair provides a sharp straight cut and the micro-tip is great for snipping a single stray hair. They are also good for trimming hair in the ear and nose.
  5. I had a mustache for 25 years before shaving it for good in the mid 90's. I used my kids rounded-nose safety scissors, cleaning them afterwards of course.
  6. klein-scissors.jpg I used to run a lot of network cables. My Moustache Scissors. :)

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