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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Dukbrand, Feb 9, 2019.

    LOL I love when this thread comes up every now and then.

    The only music I listen to occasionally is my wife singing that I'm taking entirely too long in the bathroom and that she'd like to get ready for work :)
  1. It seems like every time this thread comes up I have a different answer. As I recall it has gone from classical to jazz to anything without lyrics to now just the relaxing soft shoe stylings of a razor dancing with whiskers.
  2. Classical
  3. Instrumental jazz
  4. Northstonehill

    Northstonehill Contributor

    I listen to the public radio Danish jazz internet channel ‘DR P8 Jazz’. Wonderful. But they are closing it down end 2019 :a52::crying:
  5. I prefer a long shave with classical music
  6. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    The sound of the practice IS the music.

  7. I have recently started listening to Post Modern Jukebox while shaving. They take modern hits and put classic twists on them.
  8. troy

    troy Ambassador


    I think you mean Disturbed. At least that's who did the popular cover a few years ago. Awesome cover by the way!

    As far as what I listen to. Most mornings it's the Bob and Tom Show, actually the best of I'm usually done shaving by the time the new episode comes on. On Sundays I'm usually a little later to shave an like to listen to The Acoustic Storm.
  9. Canadian Mountain Man

    Canadian Mountain Man Contributor

    Been on a bit of an 80's kick lately. During yesterday evening's ablutions and shaving it was Icehouse Man of Colours

  10. I enjoy "Down with the Sickness" a lot. Just listened to the cover, very good! Not what I was expecting at all though.
  11. I'm listening to the shave over the drone of the exhaust fan, stone deaf on the right so to hear what's happening shave -wise on that side is not easy even over just the fan noise. A lot of the time when doing things and there isn't a hearable source of music within range, there's some tune playing on repeat in my head.
  12. I stream BBC Radio 6.
  13. martym

    martym Contributor

    I stand corrected. Now the difficult part; trying to figure out why I had a Staind brain.
    Oldtimers I guess!
  14. Lounge/Jazz

    I like to create a chill vibe in my castle.
  15. August West

    August West Moderator Emeritus

  16. Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone

    (Real talk: Nothing. I shower and shave at night after my better half is asleep. I work evenings.)
  17. pbrmhl

    pbrmhl Contributor

    I am in the music business, and listen to our music radio station (from overhead speakers) all day, every day. It's a tremendous privilege, as I sincerely believe our radio station is the best in the world. Yet, I never listen to music when I shave. Perhaps my shave time is the "purgatory" between sleep and work, or the only moments I have without music in my ears while awake. Whatever. I do notice the absence of music while I'm shaving.
  18. I either stream WFMU or Tidal so random musical kicks abound

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