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mushroom strops anytime soon?

it'll be interesting to see what comes of this in the coming years, if anything.

"..the potential for custom materials is huge because different kinds of fungus have different properties, such as toughness, water resistance, and there are potentially millions of species to choose from.

Fungal leather is also potentially more sustainable than other leather sources. The tanning process is energy intensive and produces quite a bit of sludge waste — and the production of synthetic leather requires plastic, which involves oil. “You’re getting a biological organism to do all of your manufacturing for you, so there’s no real energy requirement,...

The fungal leather industry is still in its infancy, and is largely producing proofs of concept for the luxury market: prototypes of Bolt Thread’s fungal leather handbag sold for about $400 when they were available, a similar price to a good-quality leather bag."
This is interesting. I'd be likely to give one a shot though I'm mostly curious in general as to how fungi leather feels. Maybe one day...
There is also leather made from fishes. I recall seeing wallets made of salmon leather in the gift shop at Hell's Gate Airtram on the Fraser river in '89. I did a quick Google and there are vendors selling fish leather and fish leather products on Etsy and other websites. Mushroom leather sounds interesting. I hope it takes off and becomes widely available.
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