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Musgo Real?

Has anyone tried this cream brushless? I did this weekend and and got a pretty good lather. The only thing I found strange was that it felt kind of lumpy? Well, more like grains of sand? Does anyone know if this is normal with this cream? I got this from a forum member and was thinking it might be old or even a bad tube. Any thoughts would be appreciated. :confused1
I've never noticed any 'sand' texture.

It does work pretty good brushless, but even better with the brush!
it really is a shame for me, because Musgo Real has a great scent, as well as terrific lather, and it gave me a beautiful shave. Unfortunately, I must be allergic to some of the ingredients in it, because I had a bad rash all over my neck.

Personally, I like Musgo quite a bit. If the stuff comes out grainy, its possible it is still ok, unless it is a lot grainy...then it might have broken down inside the tube. How does it lather for you?
Mine comes out like a cross somewhere between a toothpaste and some form of medicinal balm,
but I wouldn't recommend it for either!
I've used it both ways, lather and brushless, and liked it.
Bummer for Jeff, as Musgo is good stuff.
John P.
Yea John, the lather was good! It just felt a little weired having that grain sand feeling as I was lathering with my fingers? The shave itself was excellent! My face felt nice and moisturize. This is my favorite cream behind Nancy Boy. I'll probably pickup a new tube from Classic or see if anyone here has one for sale. Thanks for the useful info.
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