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Musgo Real soap container

I love the musgo real soaps as a pre-shave.

Want I really want to find is a soap container (for travelling) that the soap will actually fit into!

Any ideas?
I have a round ziplock container that I found a Walmart (set of 5 or so). I actually have the Musgo Real soap in it right now. I use it in the shower as a pre-shave. It's a little wider than the soap, but not by much.
I searched through the depths of our cabinets and found two of these. I am going to search yard sales this summer to try to find more.
They work great. The bottom narrows so the puck fits. There is lots of room to lather... and they seal up tight.
I have Tabac in this one.

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These orange "things" look similar to figaro a.k.a fitness a.k.a bottega verde(all the same) shaving soaps from Italy!They also have a wonderfull color...
I just found that The Container Store has a variety of tins that fit both Stirling samples and Haslinger pucks perfectly. About $1.50 ea.
I just grind/scrape it and then place it in a new container. After that I press it and it sticks in the bottom and never moves again.
I use those blue lid bowls from Dollar Tree. They come in a pack of 4 for $1. I like how deep they are, so I can lather the puck when it is in the bowl, and I can either scrape extra lather out and put it in the brush, or I can leave it in there and rehydrate it for next shave.
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