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Musgo Real/Proraso in Los Angeles?

Much as I'm grateful for the ability to order on the internet, it's nice to be able to buy locally, too.

Does anyone know of any retailers in Los Angeles selling Musgo Real or Proraso shaving creams? I know Bath & Bodyworks carries Proraso under their CO Bigelow banner, but the MDR store only had the small tube.

Some Urban Outfitters stores actually have the bigger tubes of Proraso for 10 dollars and the pre/post cream for 12. Weird find, huh?
Casswell-Massey boutique stores usually carry Musgo Real. The only Casswell-Massey boutique shop I see in the L.A. area is at Newport Beach. Here's the info:

Caswell-Massey of Newport Beach
Fashion Island - Suite 205
401 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA, 92660
United States

Of course, call first.
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