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Musgo Real Original

I think Musgo has changed its formula. I bought two new tubes and the new cream (white) is a different color and the scent is different from the original. I am looking for any tubes of the original Musgo where the cream has a green color rather than the new tubes. If you do not like your old Musgo, or if you just want to trade for something different, I am willing to trade. I have a couple of old copper razors looking for a home, and one has the original box. I also have an old Indian straight razor and a lathering bowl looking for homes.

I know someone here has to have a tube or two of old Musgo collecting dust. Drag those tubes out of the back the shave den and let's have a trade!
Good luck. Musgo's price has more than doubled since I started using it 10 yrs ago. Used to be same price as Proraso $10. Now I regularly see it at over $20.

I joined here back in 2007. I had serious AD back then, and I still have a product or three dating back over a decade. Accordingly, I know some of you AD afflicted hoarders have some old Musgo held back somewhere! It's time to get rid of that old Musgo you don't want, and I will trade you a shiny bauble (or at least could be polished to be made shiny) or two to convince you to unload that old, unloved, hidden away in the back recesses of your shave dens original Musgo.

Help an old man out for Christmas.
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