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Musgo Lather Troubles

I've had a puck of Musgo Real for about a year, during which time I've used it maybe half a dozen times. It worked reasonably well, providing a soothing irritation free shave, but it was never a great latherer. I set it aside and have now decided to revisit it. As is my habit, once I start in with a product, I like to use it up before moving on to something else. However, the MR puck for my last 5 shaves has me wondering how I'm going to make it through this.

Here's what I'm doing:
  1. Wash face with glycerine soap
  2. apply six drops of MR pre-shave oil to hands, rub together and apply evenly over entire shaving area
  3. squeeze pre-soaked brush until almost dry and heavily load from pre-moistened puck
  4. face lather for approximately 2 minutes attempting to work up lather as best I can
  5. commence and conclude standard three pass shave plus buffing, face lathering in between passes

Although I'm getting good shaves, the lather tends to be very thin. The more work I put into it tends to improve it somewhat but then it dries out on my face before I can finish the pass. I've tried putting a few drops of water onto the brush and this morning added two drops of glycerine before my first lather - but a thick, cushiony, persistently moist lather continues to elude me. I'll still use it out of habit and because the Musgo aromatics are fantastic, but I'm left wondering MR is capable of a high performance lather.

Any suggestions/comments are welcome.
Try loading the brush longer adding a bit of water to the puck once and a while to build a thick proto lather on the brush. Wet face and build your lather. I add a little water a bit at a time while I am building my lather till I get the rich, thick and slick lather I am looking for. Load it like you hate it and get the water ratio right. Yes, it is quite capable of making a high performance lather if you can figure out the way it likes to be treated. It may take a little experimenting.

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Not sure which one I have but mine is the soap not the cream. It lathered better when I first got it (over a year ago now) but time and my lack of practice with it hasn't improved anything.