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Musgo is a no go!

To All,

I just tried Musgo Real shave cream because I read a positive review about it on shaveblog (can I say that here?), and I wanted to try a brushless cream. As someone who normally shaves with a cream and brush, I found the experience pretty bad. I had to keep squeezing that tube four or five times to keep re-lathering for each pass, and I got no lather at all really, just a light coating of cream. The shave was mediocre- I didn't dare go against the grain like I normally do with Taylors or Proraso. Worst of all, I really didn't need my hands to smell like Musgo all day. Any thoughts?

I've just recently purchased my first tube, and it really is great stuff. It isn't quite up to the overall experience of a good high-end cream, but I find that it’s very lubricating and kind to my skin. That being said, I haven’t tried it brushless. Then again, I haven’t tried using a Wee Scot either… I did try the Lush shaving cream, but that’s a different horror story. - Justin
Thank for your quick response. FYI, the Musgo box does say it is a "rich lathering and brushless shave cream", so I'm glad I'm not the only one who was unsatisfied with the results. I thank you for your comments and I look forward to trying it with a brush.

I'm betting you will have a completely different opinion of the stuff after using it with a brush. When I got the tube of Musgo in the mail I opened it and got some on my hands. The smell was terrible. However, when you lather it up and use it, the smell isn't bad at all. Let us know what you think about it. - Justin
I really like Musgo Real. But like most here, I like it with a brush. It's adequate, brushless, but it shines when you use it with a brush...
John P.
Hello All,

Thank you for your comments. I tried Musgo three times with a shaving brush- definitely a much better experience. Great lather and smell. The shaves were good, but not as good as with Proraso or Taylor for me. Anyway, it will definitely stay in the lineup as it was an overall good exeprience with the brush.

yeah, I agree, Musgo has to be used with a brush for optimum results. I think it's a damn good cream, but it gave me a bad rash, I guess my skin's too sensitive for it.

I used to use it (with a brush), but didn't love the smell (surprising, since I like the A/S) and also found it irritated my skin.
I've been meaning to try Musgo Real for some time now. However, comments about it "gunking" up a brush have turned me off, and I have no desire to use a brushless cream.

For those of you that use Musgo more regularly, how is it treating your brushes?
Agent86 said:
For those of you that use Musgo more regularly, how is it treating your brushes?

I was worried about that too, but so far I have noticed no ill-effects on either of the brushes I use it with. However, I'm still keeping a nervous eye on them! - Justin
I've only used mine a few times and, like Justin, am a little nervous. I'll be keeping an eye on it and will let you gents know if things go bad.
One of the great misfortunes of forum reviews in general is that oftentimes there is more exhuberance than knowledge and fine products end up getting smeared for no good reason. While I don't think it is a matter of being malicious, merely ignorance and exhuberance, many gents put significant (undeserved) confidence in the pronouncements.
That's what I like about the review system at B&B. Most people just poke away and post there numbers (whatever they mean) and say little to nothing.
I'll give it a price of 8! No, no, it's a 9! No, it's a 7. What does that mean? Does price really mean value? Beats me. But it sure is fun!:tongue_sm
With The Grain said:
musgo does nothing to your brushes, really...:mellow:

It was over a month ago that I finished the tube, and I didn't use it every day, but no, I don't remember it doing anything to my brush.
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