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    +1. Love my Gael Laoch, and I just ordered one of the new Fall soaps that dropped today.
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    I did, too. I’ve been to the Cliffs of Moher, so that was a required buy.
  2. Exact same findings here....
  3. I'd love some thoughts on choosing an M & M scent. This will be my first purchase of M&M. I'm a big fan of DG's products and use a DG soap / aftershave on almost a daily basis. With fall approaching, it seems to be an ideal time to try something new. (Not that any of us need much of an excuse to purchase a new soap).

    Last fall I often shaved with DG's Darkfall. It was a scent that I liked, and my wife liked it as well (always important). Given that, is there a Murphy & McNeil scent that is similar in spirit that I should try? If not, what would be top recommendations for an ideal starter/fall scent from M&M?

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    Candidly, I would email Bill at M&M and ask him for his recommendation for a good scent given your preference. The Fall scents are now available. One of those might be a real winner for you.
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  5. I would recommend reading the scent notes online and then ordering 4-5 of the $3.99 sample pouches that they offer.
  6. M&M just released some new scents... some sound darker than their first offerings. I'm very curious about the new Tobacco scent.

    But also see my post #271 in this thread. I gave some thoughts on the M&M tubs I've purchased
  7. This is a solid idea, especially with free shipping, no minimum.
  8. Green Man is one of the best artisan scents I have smelled. It’s up there with valobra and mdc, who are much bigger companies.

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  9. I have used Green man several times this week.I concur that it is a lovely scent .
  10. Different horses for different courses, but I could not stand Green Man. But then again, I generally dislike Fougeres with really only one or maybe two exceptions.

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  11. Please forgive this self-centered post. I just wanted to say as the delighted owner of seven M&M soaps, but one who has committed to the September GRUME ... YOU GUYS ARE KILLING ME. :yikes:

    Keep up the good work. :thumbup: :thumbup:
  12. I just ordered up samples of the new M&M scents. It has become my go to as well. I gave up the September GRUME specifically so I could buy from the new release, lol. I’ll be back for October.
  13. +1 I agree on all accounts. M&M is better for my skin than GD. GD is still good just not long lasting, and way overpriced.
  14. +1 on Green Man. I enjoy Fougere and this is a very pleasant one. I do wish the scent was a little stronger, but the scent stays nicely through my shaving experience and there are a host of of aftershaves and colognes to follow up the shave with. I grabbed up an extra Green Man when M&M was clearing out the old soft formula on sale and I'm really glad I did. I actually really like the old soft formula a lot. The new harder formula is outstanding as well of course.
  15. After using both the older, soft formula and now the newer hard formula, I gotta say I kinda like the softer one a bit more. It lathers up so incredibly quick and easily. Actual shave performance and post shave is the same.
  16. Have they strengthened the scents at all? I have a tub and it barely has a scent at all.
  17. Magh Tured looks like it may be my first M&M purchase. Initially it was Ouroborous, but even though I like the smell of incense, I didn't think it was a safe blind buy.

    • Spicy and Woody, this fragrance will bring a bit of the Battle of Magh Tured to your day.
    • Scent Strength: Medium
    • Top - Rosewood and Pepper
    • Middle - Sandalwood
    • Base - Patchouli, Vetiver
    • Some may recognize this fragrance as an homage to "Oud Wood" by Tom Ford. (No affiliation.)
  18. I noticed the same - good soap, but kinda puny scent. I've got another sample of Cat Sidhe to try, but haven't opened it yet.

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