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    Was thinking of picking up some soap samples and stumbled across Murphy & McNeil. Their ingredient list looks intriguing (especially their Claddagh scent which incorporates Duck Fat). I've only found a couple reviews online and all have been positive. I was hoping those that have tried their offerings could share their experiences and let me know what they think of their scents (are there any "must try" options). Thanks!
  1. A very underrated artisan producer starting to really make a name for themselves. I’ve done a couple reviews using their Bad Mor (Bay Rum) and Slainte (Stout, oatmeal, and butterscotch). Have tried several of the more popular artisan soaps and to be honest M&M has been the best performer when it comes to lather stability, passes I can get, cushion, slickness, lack of irritation, and the scents are OUTSTANDING. If you can get ahold of Slainte, that stuff has an extraordinary length of scent proliferation. I’m in the Army and wear my uniform top Monday thru Friday. Easily picked up the scent for three days off my top having used it once. Plan to try all of their scents but those two are great.

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  2. Wow that's good to know! The one or two reviews I've found have all commented that this stuff was top notch, but unfortunately there wasn't much on the scents.
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    They are starting to make a name for themselves in the soap world. Great to see.
  5. I like their Soaps a lot.Great performance and scents.I use a straight every day.Their soaps provide a great cushion and slickness.
  6. I’m using samples of Trinity, Triskele, Bad Mor, Crann Bethadh, Kells and Green Man Fougere for the past 2 weeks. Shaving performance has been outstanding with all of them. I have been reaching for them over anything else I have.

    The scents of the last 2 don’t really do it for me. I’ll finish the samples but won’t reorder. The other 4 have a permanent place in my den.
    Trinity- Adventus
    Triskele- their barbershop scent
    Bad Mor- Bay Rum
    Crann Bethadh- Green Irish Tweed

    I still haven’t seen any reviews of their aftershaves, but would be willing to try them.
    They offer free shipping on everything, have awesome customer service, and a portion of all sales go to help families with Autistic children. You really can’t go wrong with Murphy and McNeil.
  7. Considering that Murphy and McNeil just entered the marketplace at the end of last year, they have done quite well. I had not heard of them until a month ago. I picked up two scents: Trinity and Mandate of Heaven. I liked both scents, but was disappointed that the scent on the second one wasn't stronger.

    As for performance, both soaps will hold their own with any soap in my den. That is quite an accomplishment for a rookie artisan soapmaker.

    Their tubs contain 5.5 oz vs 4 oz for many artisan soaps. Also, the price includes free shipping, so the soaps are a good value. Another couple of their soaps will be making their way to my den before long after I make up my mind on which scents to purchase.
  8. Thanks to all who replied! Will definitely be ordering some samples in the near future. Now to figure out which scents I want to try...
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    They are amazing soaps, IMHO.

    I've used Crann Beth for a week straight, and Claddaugh came today!

    Crann has phenomenal protective lather. Kind of a clean laundry scent, I've left the top off and gotten it to fade a little, mo'betta. Claddaugh has a deep, complex scent and has a different base, with duck fat.

    Quality wise, it's in the ballpark with Declaration Grooming and B&M, again my opinion. The lather is as protective as Haslinger, and useful when shaving an aggressive razor such as R41 or an Old Type.

    A nice touch: the owner, Bill, wrote signed letters with both purchases, and noted this was my second order. Frankly, that kind of small business hands-on approach impresses me.

  10. Interesting.
  11. Thanks for bringing these to my attention!! :a21::a21:

    (Unfortunately, I just started the April restraint.)
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    Another nick-free R41 shave today with Claddaugh ...

  13. I agree that the soaps are fantastic performers, both the straight tallow and the duck fat. The scent/scent strength is where they fall a bit short for me. If you are one that prefers a scent on the lighter side, these would be right up your alley! I have tried Claddagh, Ouroboros, Kells, Mandate form Heaven and Cat Sidhe. My favorites are Claddagh and Ouroboros, but scent strength still light. I also have the AS splash, alcohol + 0.5 menthol which is ok.

    I will definitely keep these on hand bur don't know if I will find myself reaching for them over the other options. Time will tell.
  14. Another reviewer, post #2, was saying he could still smell the scent on his clothes after three days!
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    Their website/descriptions mention which ones are lightly, and more strongly, scented. It's not equal across the board, so it depends which one. I did find Crann a little strong, and it mellowed with airing and use.

    The ease of, and lathering quality, is what's striking to me. Protective lather whipped in under 10 seconds.

  16. Good to know, thanks.
  17. I got my order in on 30 March. Just under the wire. Lol

    I really don’t find the strengths of the scents to be lacking. I do however prefer a lighter scented soap, so it doesn’t compete with an after shave.
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    If I didn't already have 35 soaps...

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