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Items speak for themselves. Great lot that I don't use because I have multiples of most. Looking to pass them on at a fair price to someone who'll put them to good use. Open to some trades if you have new or like new items such as MdC, TOBS Sandalwood, Harris Sandalwood, Floid Splashes, etc..

Everything here is new except the Semogue 730 HD which was used maybe 3 or so times a while back. And the Lavanda which is at least 90% full. I am also going to throw in a ton of new DE blades that I don't use. Also, the MW soap is still sealed. I just added an extra layer of protection to keep it extra fresh as I do all my pucks that are not in use. And the dopp bag is a nice size. I was able to fit everything pictured inside of it.

How's $100 + $10 Priority Shipping for it all (CONUS). I would break up the items if the offer is fair.

Thanks. And P.S. I forgot to put my username on some paper so I have included it by saving the pictures under my Username and Today's Date. The pictures were just taken moments ago. Any further questions, please message me.


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You'll need to retake and upload pictures that each include a piece of paper with your username and date displayed as a security measure

Saving the fine under that name only shows that you took/downloaded a picture and changed the file name. I could do the same thing with a picture of a Lamborghini
I am also up for trading gear with anyone that may have an empty 400 ml Floid bottle laying around with the first version picture on the front. Or great condition OS Shulton mugs.
Open to reasonable offer. Or I will also toss in an 80% full bottle of FINE L'Orange Noir with everything else at asking.
I didn't realize there were so many fans on this forum. Nofx is a great band, although not every ones cup of tea.. Haha. I think I should have just started a Nofx Thread..:biggrin1:
Lavanda is traded. Take the rest for say $75 Shipped? Still throwing in the Fine Aftershave and Plenty of new blades.
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