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    I contacted Mühle regarding changes from v.2. that I own to v.3 and this is what the replied:

    Das Design des eigentlichen Kamms hat sich nicht geändert. Es gibt nach wie vor keine Öffnung, sondern die Bodenplatte ist so konstruiert, dass der Schaum seitlich entweichen kann durch eine entsprechend dimensionierte Rinne.
    Geändert haben sich lediglich die Aussparungen im Inneren, dies hat aber keinen Einfluss auf das Rasurergebnis.

    “The design of the comb as such did not change. There is still no opening {as I had queried}, but the base plate is designed so that the lather can escape sideways via an appropriately dimensioned groove.
    Merely the cut-outs on the inside are changed, but this has no influence on the result of the shave.”

    I was nevertheless curious enough to order a v.3 replacement head, which I should be able to try by tomorrow, and shall report back if I should find that there are any noticeable differences in the shave.

  1. I take this silence as the new version shaves the same as old ?
  2. You are absolutely correct.

    Regarding some earlier comment in this thread that the small posts in the top cap that hold the razor blade in place had changed between version 2 and 3, I found that not to be true.
    To me they look identical, the only change on the top cap is that the threaded shaft that screws the three razor parts together is hollow in version 3 (as you can see in an earlier picture posted in this thread) while it was solid in my version 2.
    Possibly, the comment regarding the small studs is mistaken and refers to the earlier change from version 1 to version 2.

    The Rocca is a lovely razor, and while I consider myself more a straight shaver, I have been shaving with the Rocca for the last 2 weeks and enjoy every shave.
    With the same prep as for a straight shave I get excellent results with the Rocca (using my customary Feather and Astra blades) that give the R41 a good run for the money.

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  3. Thanks for the confirmation Brutus that there has been no drastic change in the type of shave given by the Rocca with the new V3 head.

    And yes i think you may be right about the small posts in the top cap changing between the V1 and V2 heads and not in the V3.
  4. The hollow thread post does seem to make a weight difference between the two top caps but this is so negligeable, you can't tell when the razor is assembled.
  5. I have the old head and I just received the new version. The new one is on the left.

    I still can’t get a good shave with this razor for the life of me!

    Doesn’t work for me for daily shaving. It’s been brutal!

  6. Yep, you just confirmed what the lady from Mühle wrote me: it shaves the same way as the previous model and the modification has nothing to do with changing the way the razor feels or handles.

    I have no problems with the Rocca, I find the stainless steel material that they use quite attractive, but as a predominant straight shaver I am still quite fond of the Mühle (R41) Zamac open comb interpretations.

  7. I just purchased one. It looks gorgeous. I'll be doubling up on another one next month.

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