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    So Muhle has made another new version of Rocca razor. I think it is version 3. It has been in production since May. I was wondering is here anyone who has this newer version and also older version? is the shaving any different now?
  1. Mine is from 11/17, right after Mühle resumed production.
    Could you tell us where a version 3 was announced and what the differences are?

    I use a safety razor primarily when unable to use a straight (e.g. travel) and may have missed something here.

  2. Originaly I spotted this "reloaded Rocca" from Muhle Instagram few weeks ago. There is a link to Muhle website explaining this reloading :

    MÜHLE Shaving Culture | andreas-mueller-rocca | purchase online

    I have seen only one picture from this new version 3 and it was in Youtube time 1:23 at this video you can see that they changed the baseplate design:


  3. Ah, I see what you mean.
    My November 2017 version does not have the long slit in the baseplate.
    That was actually something that had stuck me as odd when the razor first arrived.


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  4. I have the Rocca R95 Birch handle, pre May 2018.Yes it would be interesting to try the new "reloaded" head to see if there is any difference in performance, although my current razor shaves fantastically well, efficient and smooth.

    Pity they don't sell just the Rocca head.
  5. Is the Rocca head any different from the R89?
  6. Oh Yes. The Rocca head is a far more efficient shaver. My first razor was the R89 but after two weeks gave up on it as it was far to mild for my type of beard.I then bought a Rocca and this mows hair like a lawnmower!.

    The R89 would be like a plate 3/4 on a Rockwell 6C/S while the Rocca would be akin to a 7 or 8, if they did those plates.I also own the Rockwell 6C and thought it might provide you with a useful benchmark as its such a popular razor.
  7. I 100% agree with your rating on Rocca vs Rockwell 6C/S. To me Rocca is a bit too aggressive everyday shaver. I wish Muhle has taken away some of the bite in this v3. Would be interesting to know is there any change in the aggression vs earlier models.
  8. Hi,
    I gifted my V2 Rocca to my Stepdad last month (he tried it and loved it so I let him keep it) and purchased another Muhle Rocca R96 direct from Muhle UK earlier this month.
    It is this new V3 version with the revised slit baseplate.
    The shave is the same but I think the blade loading is more positive- everything slots together even better.
    It is by far my favourite razor- super versatile, exudes quality and perfectly proportioned for me.

    U4o4Sq69SAimIPsfphb86Q.jpg 2uiDavhITy2lvY80auqU+g.jpg sR6P29a2RFmvrWy8UoZv1g.jpg
  9. Technique, prep and blade choice make a massive difference with the rocca, I think more so than other razors.
    I would say its approx about 4 on a scale with a rockwell 6 series or 3 on a Merkur Futur.
    Loaded with polsilver/wilky/GSB and it is a great daily shaver. Feather/KAI's are good for a few days growth otherwise they are a bit scratchy.
    Id also recommend also using a bit more angle than usual in some areas depending on the blade.
  10. @denbailey101 Thanks for the pictures of your V3 Rocca!.

    As i suspected i don't think the new head will drastically change the type of shave already provided by previous versions of the Rocca. Perhaps that new slit in the head was to appease some users who either complained of or were wary of the razor clogging with cream when in use.Personally i have never had that problem but it is unusual for a DE SB razor head not to have some holes or groves.

    @Sausage. I also find the Rocca to be just that little bit aggressive for use as a daily shaver, more that 24 hrs growth and its perfect. I recently purchased the Rockwell 6C and am struggling with it to find that sweet spot in providing a close,smooth and irritation free shave.

    The Parker Variant however was love at first shave!, not a mild razor again by any measure but it can be dialled right down and used as a daily driver.
  11. Thank to all! I'm a happy R41 user, but I'm looking for something from Muhle in s/s; the Rocca sounds just right.
  12. Your Welcome Bill. I have read reports that the Rocca lies in the mid point of the Muhle range.In the middle efficiency wise between the R89 at the milder point and the R41 at the other.I don,t own a R41 so can't confirm this personally. On a ten point scale i have seen others rate the R89, as 4/5, the Rocca as 7 and the R41 as a 9.

    So if your o.k with a milder shave than the R41, the Rocca should suit you fine.
  13. That sounds good. Sometimes the R41 requires a bit more concentration than I care to muster.
  14. Thank you for the pictures @denbailey101! So I think I won't update my Rocca as the shave is same as with earlier models. It is a beautiful razor, not just a daily driver for me. Yes I have got some nice BBS shaves with Rocca. I still think that it is more aggressive than Rockwell 6S with setting 6. But it is YMMV as always. I like Rocca finishing and feel in the hand much better..more balanced.

    @Fozzie Bear I have Variant in rosegold and I like it a lot too!!
  15. As mentioned earlier, I have the late 2017 version and it shaves quite well.
    Works better than the R89 workhorse, but not quite as efficient as the R41 versions.
    In the end I found myself reaching more often for my R41, even though I find Rocca material and craftsmanship very appealing.

    What threw me off when the razor arrived from Mühle was that there was no opening in the baseplate. In my eyes, it just looked like something was amiss even though I have no hard evidence that openings in the baseplate fulfill a practical function by giving accumulated lather a way out.

  16. Got mine in January so must be a v2. Don’t know how it can be improved. This is a sleeper razor, absolutely great. It is the Rockwell plate 8, smooth and efficient, but streamlined and elegant and more interesting to shave with.
  17. Looks like a terrific razor!! :a14::a14:
  18. I am glad that Muhle worked so hard in getting the desgin progressively better as they continue to stop production and reintroduce a newer version. this one definitely looks more bulletproof than the original. I guess I put the Rocca back on my list of razors to get when I hit the Powerball. Now I just have to go out and buy a ticket.
  19. I saw this on Shave Lounge Uk and along with the slots in the base plate it explains the reason for the V3 reissue, there had been some Q/A issues in the past with the pins in the base plate falling off!.

    Update: Muhle have recently updated the manufacturing process for the stainless steel head, meaning that the top cap (including the screw and locating pins) is now all one piece of solid stainless steel.

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