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FS Muhle razor and Soaps/AS (B&M Reserve, H&V, FCSC)

Hi all,

Here are some lightly used items of excellent quality that I'm hoping will get more love in someone else's den. I'd like to sell these in 2 lots. Shipping to Canada only.

Lot 1: Muhle R101 and Barristers Reserve Classic soap

The Muhle R101 razor has the same head as its more famous sibling R41 but the handle is different. I used it twice and decided that it was much too aggressive for me. Retails brand new at $72 Cdn.


Barrister & Mann's Reserve Classic shaving soap. This line of soap needs no introduction. I've used this one 3 times and while it has a very pleasant and inoffensive scent, I don't reach for it as much as the other Reserve scents I have. This soap retails at around $23 Cdn.

Will ship this lot anywhere in Canada for $40 Cdn
(overall value brand new is $95)

Lot 2: Great Canadian artisans

Henri et Victoria La Poire Française soap and aftershave balm set. The soap was lathered 3 times and balm dispensed 3 times as well. I frankly love this scent but unfortunately it burned my face just enough for it to be too uncomfortable for me. Usually goes for $25 and $20 Cdn respectively.

First Canadian Shave Co: Blod Av Dreki soap and splash set. FCSC is a very underrated brand of excellent quality. This is their new soap formulation which is very soft, almost like a cream. Their splash has no alcohol and performs much like a balm. The scent is very nice and hard to describe... but unfortunately my wife hated it ;-) I used the soap 4 times and the splash 2 times. Retails brand new at $22 and $16 Cdn respectively.

Will ship this "Great Canadian" lot anywhere in Canada for $45 Cdn
(overall value brand new is $83)
I will open this up to US buyers upon 2 conditions:

1) you pay the same amount in US dollars, ie. 40 USD instead of 40 CAD. This will help with the higher shipping cost.

2) I can't be responsible for any possible custom charges you may (or may not) incur on your end. I'm honestly not sure how that works, so it may be a non-issue.

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You can’t ship alcohol-based stuff across the border.

I ended up splitting up the lots.

The only remaining items are the Henri et Victoria soap and balm. I'll deliver them anywhere in Canada for $25 CAD.

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The Henri & Victoria La Poire Française set is still available (soap and balm).
Lowering the price to $20 Cdn (or $20 USD to ship to USA).

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