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Muhle R95 Rocca Review - First Use

I don't shave with dirty razors. It's so simple to remove the blade after each shave and run it under hot water along the the razor or components and dry. Blades are just patted dry and the razor is dried, both with a small microfiber towel.

Rinsing the razor in the sink during the shave us not a big deal. Still, why get "gunked" up water all over the razor? This appears to be a hold over from the early days where there was no running water. Just like when people used to pour water from a pitcher into a sink to wash their face.

I also clean my razor after each use. Why put it in dirty water that you are just going to have to use more time and water afterward to clean up the razor?

It only takes a brief bit of water to clear the razor. Less water than to fill a sink or maybe the same. I don't think that anyone would be wasting a significant amount of water either way?

If I am still going to wash the razor when finished, then why bother filling the sink to shave? You will spend more time and use more water to clean out the sink!

I tend to stay away from using hot water on knives and razors. Unnecessary expansion and contraction of the metal is hard on the edge.
Here's the factory handle next to the one I'm using. I know it's waterproof, but not knowing if I'll keep it made me take it off to keep it safe. It's a $100 razor so if I resell it, I want it to still be as-new.


For those who like matching toys, Castillo Kinives, made in Spain, has a nice folding knife with Curly Birch handles.

They do make a few different models so Google: Castillo Curly Birch Knifes.

Here is a listing from Knifeworks.

The blades are made from Sandvik 14C28N steel, which is a Swedish steel that is used in razor blades.
I haven't used my Rocca for a while, but after reviewing this thread I've decided it's time to dig it out and give it some face time. Love the looks and feel of a Rocca. I bought it originally as I was experimenting in moving up the ladder in aggressiveness/efficiency for the best shave I could find. Can anyone tell me what the blade exposure is on a Rocca? From what I've been able to learn the blade gap is 0.75mm. One person suggested to me a Rocca has the "feel" of 0.10mm blade exposure. I know blade gap and exposure aren't the full measure of a razor performance, but it's interesting to me to compare my razor experiences using this information. By the way, I don't remember having "rinse" problems. I just swish after passes on each side of the blade.
With competition from the BB and WR2 its been a while since I have taken the R95 for a run. It certainly did not disappoint. The Rocca is such a smooth shaver, and IMHO where it shines is with the ATG pass, very ATG friendly

Saw the Mühle Rocca with Birch handle in a winter sale on a website and bought it immediately. I always wanted this birch handle version as it looks stunning. Already have the black and steel handle version of the Rocca and was never happy with the balance of this razor with its heavier handle. The balance is perfect on the lighter Birch handle version and the grip is amazing.

I just love the look of this razor and was surprised to notice that the blade gap on the birch handle version is noticeably smaller than on my black handled version. This narrower gap really affected the shave making it much, much smoother and very, very comfortable. It gave me the same confidence and assuredness as my other razors and there was no need for caution or pressure adjustment to compensate as it automatically found the correct angles for the two passes. It’s the perfect balance of smoothness and efficiency and gave me an outstanding 2 pass shave. The grip on the birch handle during the shave was very comfortable. It feels safe in the hand.

I’m wondering if Mühle have changed the blade gap on the head since I purchased my black handled version? Can there be such a visibly noticeable difference on a close tolerance manufactured Razor head?

This is a completely different shave compared to my black handled version. I much prefer the birch handle razor and head. It’s far less aggressive.

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