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Muhle R41 Top Plate of Chrome Plated Head

I bought two R41's and love them! One is my everyday razor and the other I store in my vacation home, May through October so I don't have to transport one with each trip. The vacation home razor gets the least use. It has a cloudy area on the top plate of the head. The other razor is shiny, bright and like new. I took photos and sent them to Mhule.

Muhle can't figure out what happened. They said the top plate with the cloudy area looks matte but apparently there is a copper layer between the zamak material and the chrome plating, which they didn't see in the photo I sent.

They are sending me a new top plate for the head. I liked learning that there is a copper layer between the chrome plating and the zamak. It's an extra layer of protection, in my option.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?
That is great customer service. I have only had my 41 for a couple months but so far, I have not seen any issues with the plating.
I found that I like the R41 so much, I use it everyday! Nothing shaves me closer.
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