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Muhle R41 review


Happy Easter.

I decided not shave on Friday as I had the day off. A lot of times on the weekends if we have nothing going on I will not shave.

This morning with Easter Service I thought it a good time to test out the R41. NO CUTS OR BLOOD LETTING. I did get a little close as my a/s stung a little. (I will knick myself every so often with the 34C trying to clean up especially my chin and scar areas.)

I just followed my routine as I would with my 34C. THE 3 S's. (Sh.., shower, & shave)

I soaked my Whipped Dog silver tip brush while I showered. Got out and towel dried everything but my face. I had preloaded the D41 with a trusty Astra SP. Coated my beard with a tabac stick and face lathered. I NOTICED that it was mowing down the 3 day growth much easier than the 34c. I had several of our gents suggest to me a steeper angle. Which I felt totally comfortable with. There was no clogging, which I and others get from the safety bar.

I did a 1 pass shave with clean up. What I like best is I was able to clean up my chin and under my nose with little to no buffing.

I generally just shave North to south which is XTG for me on most of my face and neck.

It normally would take 2-3 passes with clean up to get this close a shave with my 34C. I have a few scars on my face from sports. I have few errent hairs that are always a problem. With the R41 I got all but 1 of them. Which was easily cleaned up.

So I believe for me the Muhle R41 is a keeper.

I would call this DFS, I never for BBS. I tend to get ingrown hairs.

Now I need to find an open comb slant.

Big Joe
Congratulations! I found it a difficult razor, but worthy of perseverance as nothing shaves closer when you're on point. +1 for the steeper angle.
It's a very efficient razor. Just go with a light touch and listen to the blade for feedback to keep the right angle and it delivers a great shave.
I love my R41. Its a great razor and wont cut you as long as you show it respect. It does require good technique and light pressure though.
I was blown away yesterday by the shave. I have not gotten that close on one pass since I used a straight.

It would take me two passes with cleanup with my 34c.
I was blown away yesterday by the shave. I have not gotten that close on one pass since I used a straight.

It would take me two passes with cleanup with my 34c.

Yes, it's quite capable of delivering a CCS with a single pass. I never strive for BBS, usually CCS or DFS is just fine with me. The R41 can do it in a single pass quite often.
Sounds good Big Joe. I agree with you. I was afraid to try mine when I first bought it. It sat in my den until I gathered up the nerve to try it with about 3 days of growth. It was an amazing shave, no nicks and super close. It's earned a permanent spot in my rotation. Not as a daily shaver but to mow down multiple days of growth.
I used mine today with the colossus handle. It is an awesone razor, just wondering if it's possible to use it as a daily driver, time will tell. I use mine for headshaving.
I have used R41 as a daily driver. It is awesome! If you have fast growing beard then R41 could be an excellent daily driver. If your beard is not fast growing then I am not sure if there is point using it daily.
The R41 is an excellent shaver. I need two days growth to shave with it but I get the best shave. A 3/4 pass shave gives me a BBS in all directions.

For best results I need to use the R41 with a very sharp blade, Feather blades make a great blade for the R41.
I actually find R41 to be best for 1-2 days of growth. With more growth than that I prefer other razors. Merkur open combs are the best razors I have found so far for huge growth. Merkur open combs will not give the same close shave as they are from the other extreme (ultra mild), but they are even more resistant against clogging and very efficient at mowing down huge growths.

I use R41 when I need a longer lasting shave, because of how close it shaves.
I use as a daily driver with a polsilver blade - love it! Needs a steep angle unlike all my other DE's, but gets the closest shave with no irritation. Will be interesting to compare to the Fatip Piccolo due to arrive tomorrow, and the Timeless OC 0.95 which I hope to get later this year. Then I will definitely be done! (maybe)
I have it used it everyday with success since Sunday. Closest shave I have had since using a straight
I'm still getting used to mine that I picked up fairly recently (the more recent version, not the original/super-aggressive one). I find that I have to make an effort to watch my technique and not use pressure, and it definitely shaves efficiently but I have gotten bit a couple times.
I need to experiment more with different blades to see what I like best.
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