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Muhle R41 Old Version (2008)

I have been considering a Muhle R41 open comb for a while now and I came across a retailer in the UK who still has the old R41 version, the 2008 model is supposed to be a little more agressive than the 2009 version so I was keen to get one before they are all gone. Complete with the fancy Muhle case for £30.


Internationall delivery charges seem not too bad (listed on the site) but if anyone is desperately seeking the 2008 version you can get a new one here before they are all gone. I should have this before the end and I am really looking forward to a shave with this razor.


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From what I remember when I was shopping for my R89 (old), the R41 and R89 had the same head but different handles. I saw some R89 (old) at the shaver shop under the name or PREMAX. Nothing that looks like R41... The R89 (old) was very aggressive, by default, the old R41 should be as aggressive!
Yeah, I heard the old M-P open-comb was an extremely agressive razor, requiring great care and definitely not for everyone. My Single-ring's enough for me, but its a great deal if this does include the box
In the end I did buy both the new and old versions of the open comb, still not got round to trying them as I seem to be stuck in Aristocrat mode. Just love the shave the #16 give me so much I find it hard to reach for anything else.


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That is the new one, the old one has a ring round the bottom, here athey are side by side, old version on right,



The new R41 gives a lovely smooth shave, it is something you can use every day and enjoy. It is tolerant of most blades and I have heard no complaints about it's shave, some feel it a tad too light but overall it is a 9/10.

The older one is heavier, the solid lined handle gives far superior grip (not that the new one is slippy, (the new one it is a hollow stamped pattern handle). Also the older one shaves more aggressively; the bend it puts on the blade is greater and this means a different shaving angle is required, couple this with the extra weight and it is easy to see why compared side by side many feel the old version is over aggressive.

However like any razor, use it for a few weeks and you adjust, your touch will lighten or lean in to compensate. I have them both and of the two I use the new one more. I feel the head on the old one is very like my Joris Open Comb (I am 99% sure they are the same head). For me the old R41 is something for the weekend when I want more than just a "safe" shave.

Hope this helps.
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