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Muhle R41 for everyday?

Hey guys,

So, l shave every day, and I'm looking to move from my Fatip to Muhle R41. Would you say R41 is a good fit for everyday shaving? My progression over these past four years was EJ DE89 -> Fatip Piccolo -> now i'm thinking muhle.

What's your two cents?
When I first got the R41 I was impressed by how efficient it was, but also worried that it would shave too efficiently i.e., too close, as I'm prone to shave bumps. But I found that the R41 shaves didn't result in irritation. So I think the R41 could be used every day. I say "think" because I haven't used it more than two days in a row--but that's a factor of my having multiple razors in rotation. Few get used more than two days in the row.

For what it is worth, I also have a Fatip Piccolo and cannot use it daily.
Not the smoothest but I can use it daily. I would look at the Rocca or Dart. The Dart has a bit more blade feel between the two. A touch more efficient than your Fatip but smoother than the 41. CG lvl 3 would be on the same level as the 41 but much smoother as well.
R41 is for multi day growth. The Mercur Slant is well for this also. I found that a little Gillette Parat was a good every day razor.


I didnt know
I could use my R41 everyday, but I wouldnt want too. I dont even want to once a month! lol

I could use my Grande every day a lot easier and more comfortably, but my MMOC beats it and I have been using it every day.
The R41 is part of my weekly rotation. It was my primary razor for a little over a year. Now I just enjoy a variety that includes a Wunderbar, Mergress, Fatip Piccolo & Grande and most recently a Fatip Nobile but I don't see why you couldn't use the R41 daily. Don't let all the hype scare you, just try it. If it doesn't work you can always unload it in the BS & T.
I pulled the trigger on an R41 a few years ago and after a self-imposed, year-long sabbatical against new purchases also succumbed to my RAD by hunting and finding one in The Wild after receiving clearance by SWMBO to add it to the extensive collection in my dedicated Shave Den. It was a Gamechanger. This, of course, after an extensive study of head/blade geometry/angles/clearances/gaps/ratios.

Of course, the Zamak is a huge concern and I don't know how long it will last compared to my other vintage and modern brass/stainless razors. I try to scan the ingredient list of any soaps/creams I use with it to make sure they don't contain any parabens which I understand to be hard on coated Zamak razors, preferring instead a Lanolin-based product. Despite my diligence, I have noticed changes in colors on the threads that may be an early indicator of some kind of dissimilar metal corrosion most likely due to manufacturing issues.

I had the feeling that the handle was off balance, perhaps a bit top-heavy and it seemed a little light so I replaced it with a 98-gram stainless bulldog handle. I wasn't happy with this either and decided to go back to the original handle after popping off the end cap and epoxying 33 grams of bismuth waterfowl-friendly shot into the bottom end of the handle. When it comes to weighting a handle, you can't beat bismuth.

Polishing the leading edges of the cap and scalloped bar using a high-speed buffer at 4000 rpm with a soft flannel buffing wheel lightly dusted with 2300-grit polishing compound also made a huge difference in the smoothness of the shaves, especially after adding a .007 shim under the blade.

I can't say how it compares to one of the many modern stainless razors being offered these days because alas I am allergic to stainless steel in its pure form and cannot allow it to come into contact with my skin.

I would buy one and try it out. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary), of course!
I’ve used my 2011 R41 almost exclusively, every day, for the past 5 years. It was a RAD-killer from day 1. I finally beat my 5 o’clock shadow for good. Or for at least as long as that Zamak holds up...
I have used my R41, 2014 multiple days in a row. I can only get smooth, tug free, shaves with my R41 with a Feather blade, every other blade pulls and tugs. All blades will give a very close shave, but only the Feather is smooth as well.
Just remember the lightest pressure or there will be blood.
I enjoy my R41 and it often results in my closest shaves due to its efficiency.

Despite this preference, I do not care to use it everyday as my face becomes a bit tender. When I do use it on day 2, 3 or 4 in a row I cut back on my passes to 2. N,S and S,N (ATG).

I get great shaves from the R41 but it’s certainly not the smoothest razor, and the toll on my face builds after a couple days and then it’s time for a break (from the razor, not days off from shaving)

If I were to shave every 48 hours I would absolutely use it all the time but instead, I choose to shave after 24.
I have a least 8 razors that I rotate between. I use each for about 2 to 3 months straight.
So, yes I have used the Muhle R 41 every day when it comes up in rotation.
It will come after I switch from the Gillette Ranger Tech, I'm now using, and next up the Gillette New LC.
I started DE shaving in Februaryvthis year and bought an R 41 as my first razor. I use mine every single day and find it absolutely brilliant.
I do a full 3 pass shave plus a touch up and typically use Nacet, Polsilver SI, Astra SP and Gillette 7 O’clock Yellows.
My touch is light and I get effortless BBS every day pretty much without exception.
I’ve hardly ever been cut, get zero irritation just a great daily shave I’d highly recommend it.
I’ve used my R41 just about everyday for 5 years. I’m familiar with it, I get a pretty automatic shave with it every time. I like it because it’s a two pass shave, and with a Voskhod blade the results are excellent.
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