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Muhle R106 vs. EJ DE89

My only razor is an R106 which I'm quite happy with, but after seeing all of the glowing reviews for the '89 I'm considering picking one up. Will I notice any appreciable difference or should I save my money?
Someone with a lot more knowledge will need to speak to this but I think that EJ makes heads for Muhle or it may be the other way around. If you go to a web site that sells both razors and look closely at the pictures, you will see that the head of the DE-89 looks very close if not identical to the Muhle R89 and the R106. I think if you bought the DE-89 you would have a razor that would shave almost identical to your Muhle.

My advice would be to save your money and, not knowing what you're after in a new razor, go to a slant bar or perhaps an open comb. Maybe start thinking about getting a vintage Gillette?
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