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Muhle Kosmo Synthetic Question

Hi Gents,
I have the Muhle Kosmo synthetic brush in brown 'horn' and really like it, I'm not against badger or natural hairs I just wanted to try it and found I enjoy using it. It even works well with tallow based soaps :thumbup1:
My question is this, the knot section unscrews like this


but the screw on the inside comes loose virtually every shave and I find the knot rotates and makes it harder to make a decent lather.
Has anybody else had this issue?
I didn't want to contact the vendor if this is normal.
He is a stand up guy so it shouldn't be an issue.
Toss a few drops of Elmer's Carpenter Glue in that hole..problem solved. It may have been drilled a tad over at the factory. Such things happen but are easily rectified.
If you feel it is defected, contact the vendor. Why mess around with it when you might make it worst somehow. The brush is not cheap. I say contact the vendor.
During brush restores, you typically use epoxy for a permanent fitting and silicone for a temporary adhesive as you get the loft right
Nice idea thanks.
I might have to find the Irish equivalent as I'm over here.

Nah, Elmer's is available on the Auld Sod. Here is one stockist I know of in Dublin (and I know there have to be many more)
8 Walnut ave
Dublin 24
Tel: 087-0695006 01-4625091

Stuff has a long history of keeping wood screws tight
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